Google unveils top searches of the past 60 days


Google has released trends from over the past sixty days and as you can imagine it was all coronavirus relator leaves a lot of it was right usually when you look at Google trends it's things like news weather or Facebook Amazon YouTube but here's some of the words that were in the top twenty five most search terms and you tell me if any of these are surprising corona virus no unemployment no classroom nope like how do I be a teacher I'm usually a mom Netflix no zero note and I I would I would guess this will be one of the most searched ones stimulus check yeah I think we've all looked that up to see if we're getting any money right check it is yeah that unemployment I figure like all right am I eligible or IRS or something like that other top searches searches include tiger King Joe exotic of course yeah Kim Jong moon does he disappeared for a while Carole Baskin said three of the top for that all those people are crazy but three of the top four all from tiger king that's for low animal crossing New Horizons okay Warren teen and once again unemployment hi estimate let's check what is the number one search here are some of the other ones how to cut hair how to make a mask and how to make Santa hand sanitizer I've looked up I've looked up how to make a mask I have to and I've looked up how to make hand sanitizer

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