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Jets, Falcons And Dan Quinn discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


And yes thank you very much. The Falcons coming off a mediocre year. They decided to stick with Dan Quinn. Despite real rumors that he might be like Oh. This is a consensus from the schedule committee. This committee we think that the seahawks go on the road and they win easily. Wait one at the event. Do you regret. Thank you useless. Stu Gods Catchphrase Joe usually. It's for stuff you say not for what others say. What we say about that. Chris Cody well just continue. Never Mind just you Dan. We appreciate it schedule. Talker right so I don't want to talk about the jets bills game so we go to Guillermo again. We met before the show. We all discussed. We all agreed on what would happen. Here the jets New York jets. My New York jets take on the buffalo bills team. I think we'll be the one seed in the AFC gear Mo- full breakdown week. One jet bills. This is a close one is back and forth between everybody. No one's sure exactly. We finally came to a consensus. The jets are gonNA steal one on the road. Why Frank Gore another.

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