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Fill-anthropy: H20 Happy Hour with Ruby Bowry



That are really wanting to provide to show generosity to our planet and the people on it. So it's been it's been a wonderful ride so far speaking of event I was actually lucky enough to meet some of the the Filipo were team at Green Business Arizona earlier this year. That was but it feels like I mean like six years ago at this point And I was blown away by the use of tech to communicate to consumers all of the different trackable data in the APP from footprint personal water consumption even like hydration tips in reward badges. And what I found was even cooler as listening to the pitch. Was that bullet forward. Stickers are essentially like these barcode scanners that you can put on different drinking apparatuses and my dad is obsessed with this mug that he got a like a hospital when I was in elementary school and he still drinks out of it. Every single morning in ideally could slap a tag on that. Mug and work with the APP to get some really interesting data about his own habits in his contribution to clean water Talked me about the mission in inspiration behind Philip word in the APP and the tags all tech. Yes absolutely so here. At Philip forward we believe that choosing to reuse is a simple act of generosity that shows love for our planet and the people on it and so our background of what we do. Is We create reusable products and interactive technologies through our APP and a global initiatives. That inspired the world to us. So you just touch base on the APP and it's called the Philip forward APP in it's free for users to download on the apple store or Google play store and like you said we do have products will be also just have the sticker itself that can be affixed to any existing reusable items that you may have at home and the purpose of that really for us is not. It's not necessarily boat the bottles that we sell that we provide but it's just really the to inspire the momentum of just reusing items that you already have and to create an opportunity where it's once you're refilling your bottle that something you're especially at home now that we're we're all here and we're drinking coffee or juice or water or milk or whatever. It is every time you refill and you scan the Barcode that on the sticker it then provides are an opportunity for you to donate towards a charitable project that would be happening around the world so we work with charitable partners about six of them and we make sure that their initiatives are showcased in a really informative way within our experience so within the APP itself. You have the opportunity to see Which Project Your Scans or contributing towards you can see your own footprints in terms of how many resources you're doing As an individual then you can also see the collective movement within the APP to see how uh scans are being done worldwide and with the net you can see how much plastic pollution is being diverted. You can see how much power you know. The power's consumed each time. A single use cup bottle is created so we have metrics that calculates the power rather saved. Every time you reuse. We also give the opportunity for people to see how much waste your diverting from landfills every time scan which is really You know that really adds up even as an individual and then there's also the land use that you can see in terms of this includes the couch. Forests in areas of manufacturing industry dinner centers. How much those places take up space and an how by by scanning using up in an appropriate way. You know it really highlights. How much of a difference you can make just by drinking water or drinking coffee or drinking juice from home. So it's it's it's really a no brainer in an ice and I know I'm saying this from a biased point of view because I work with Philip forward but I think that that's what really sparked my interest to really join the team to was that I you know I have reusable at home and and when I learned that There's this technology component to this to me. It really elevates the experience of the of the reusable items and it allows you to religious kind of only track your own hydration and the environmental impact. But it just makes you more mindful of what you're doing and you know mindful of your own consumption and how Diverting waste and in creating a better planet it's done simply through just drinking water at home like to me that's just A. It's just a phenomenal way to to give back. I love that in. I mean as you're speaking we're talking about the different tack in the different systems. Any is just screaming millennial right like this is something that I think is going to spread like wildfire amongst my peers in our show is actually targeted towards you. Know I used to say millennials in that. I thought can put us in a box. So I say now. The next generation of decision-makers Who WanNa to do better and do more like that. You know young people who WanNa take action and the best way for us to do that is using our purchasing our for good and getting behind a lot of big brands to make big change. I say this a lot but when people think of young people that are passionate about sustainability. They've got it all wrong. You know I don't chain myself to a tree or sleep in a hammock but I will support companies with my dollar. An advocate for brands. Who HAVE A common goal? You know we all WanNa leave the planet like you said a little bit better than when we found mouthful is to say look forward has done some really cool stuff on college campuses to evangelize this rampant need for us to reuse. So tell me what you guys do campuses. And why do you think students sustainability such a top priority for your company? That's a great question. I feel that driving engagement with our for reprogram is honestly it's perfect for schools and I say that because there's a large number of of students on on campuses and day-to-day there's a lot of consumption of single use items and to know that we can help a college or university divert those Those wasteful items is just is just a wonderful initiative to to perpetuate into being a part of and we work with many different universities across North America and that includes University of Florida University of Minnesota. We have a few here in Canada as well that we work with and a lot of times they They invest in the Philip forward sticker. That's a little bit more easier for For Distribution in terms of sustainability offices encouraging students to come by and grab sticker to he saw to Either their own school branded reusable item are their own personal reasons reusable items and we've had a lot of success in that space in sunset. That students are very very eager to To be a part of this and we have A lot of what? We would like to call it. A companion champions so companion is our water bottle. It's our main product that that we sell and we encourage individuals who are either whether it's at a business or at school to really. You know health embody that that movement of inspiring reuse and we have a lot of A lot of students that are that are participating with on their own. Free time to to help their their own sustainability opposites on campus To take us to the next level with accustomed to forward program so and it like just thought they example We Have University of Minnesota VATS. They've day launched back in August twenty sixteen but they they have basically diverted over a hundred and twenty five thousand bottles sent well. And and that's and that's you know that's a lot. And that's just done again. Simply by encouraging students to stay and to be mindful about the reuse and they also affiliated a rewards program so that every time a student use the Philip forward APP would collect ten points up to five times a day for every thousand points that a student earned they could then redeem those points for entry to like a monthly drop at the Office of Sustainability would have and bought again encourages on that engagement and that sense of community. And I think that I know you're saying that millennials. Let's say the next generation. I think that community is very important and if there is that sense of you know working together towards a very positive than collective goal especially in the time that we find ourselves now it's certainly powerful and it's very impactful as well. How can people get involved? You know what are some of the? What are the steps that they take to become a companion champion or create a custom program for their brand or event? I was talking to a girlfriend of mine yesterday and was telling her she knows asked me about my day and normally every day is just kind of you know were cooked. Make Banana bread. Whatever everyone's doing quarantine and I told her that I was doing a podcast with you. And she actually has a companion bottle that she got. She works for salesforce and she got it at their big dream. Force Conference yes Last year and so you know I was thinking that this is just such you know when events come back and win all of our new normal is kind of the dust is settled. How can someone get involved? You go on your website. How do they become a champion or create a custom program? So there's I mean there's it's only honestly the the endless in terms of the coming in an ideal fastener if you will honestly it's really open to anyone who wants to increase engagement in the organization or are on their campus. It's also to anyone who was passionate or has an interest in sustainability wants to invest their time in their community Also it's a great resume building tool and I think that something that is obviously it's very advantageous to have and there's also that That ability for for them to just reach out to us in any means whether it's through our website or through any bristle media are handled at Philip forward and we would be more than happy to provide Any collateral so that could be digital posters on our videos on anything that they would need for marketing communications.

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