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Why don't you guys talk about that more Green Bay will not be good simple


Take a text here guys I think the lions will once again win three games this year and I think they'll be picking in the top three another one you're right guys Stafford should be good enough and is good enough to win the lions eight games I think that they will probably go nine and seven this year like they usually do the lions all caps will not win seven games all year that's from Dwayne guys I really think the Packers will implode this year Roger's ego has been smashed why don't you guys talk about that more Green Bay will not be good simple they had a better defense than you they are better running and then you get a better quarterback than you and he's passed no I don't think he's going to pass out in the corner I don't think all of a sudden they don't have anybody to throw the ball to it's not true and honestly I I think what you're typing in is a lot of wishful thinking yeah I think the relationship will end badly but I have a hard time believing okay let's say they really regress and they're a nine win football team they are four games worse than last year how does that help you exactly yeah I and I think that's I'm read another text right now even guys you're acting like the NFC north is going to be the toughest division in football this year I really think the lions will be able to win ten huh I mean I I love the red love the detailed reasoning for that no but you're not going to get any of that because when the fanboys unite they don't provide results that's the problem I have like I'm finally give me reasons but when you just say I think I'll get the ten I don't think the nor it's going to be that great you're like well why exactly Minnesota got better in Green Bay I'm giving you Hey let's say they are three games worse and their ten and six how does that help you I want to see if there's a worse once it bears are terrible okay and that's the end and that's the thing you just said it because last year we know they were last in the division so if you expect the bears to be worse in alliance okay so now that makes you to thirteen of the division how are you better than the Vikings and the Packers that's right question financial loss here's the other thing if you look at the NFC realistically NFC is absolutely loaded I mean the chief Super Bowl window the ravens window it's beautiful because the AFC is down yes so they're in the midst of this you got the cowboys you got the eagles you got the Vikings you got the Packers he got the Niners you got the Seahawks yes Dan arguably the entire NFC south not named Caroline yes so that's why you're facing an uphill battle because frankly the NFC is just that difficult and when I look at your schedule and you play in New Orleans and you play at Tampa Bay man it added Lana you think that's going to be a treat they got eleven first round picks on offense your defense the last I checked is horrendous I'm sorry David marmalade I'm sorry I'm sorry no I'm just excited because what you just said is so true and that's what life is have to look at sorry you almost have you pretty much have to look at in order for the lines to make the playoffs they have to win the division because everything else is so tough a lions fan please I dare you to call up right now tell me they could do that can they win this division but I don't see that I mean here's what also anything is possible if you're a giants fan where it's impossible let me let me say this down here's I know the tech Selita fanboy on Stafford's pay real cook let me just say this what everyone needs to realize though who once said the lines one for five games again when you're looking at it on paper I understand the pessimism but there's going to be games that you're going to just take a look at Sunday November first two verses in Indianapolis Colts at home I could absolute loss I could absolutely see them somehow win in that game you know there's places like that well when you give up two hundred yards rushing no but but that's the thing though Mike we're looking at it on paper football is not played on paper there's going to be games with alliance just go out and take and win somehow and you scratch your head there's also gonna be losses like that but but overall that's when you look at it on paper it's not that easy this is an uptown leak it's it's designed to have you bounce back a little bit I would be stunned and you can record this I would be stunned if the lions won five or less games this year at least B. as at least be seven or eight wins we get a few people in the in the mix here let's go to Damon ninety seven one Damon what's going on but it's going on forever how are you I'm good I'm good before I give you the recipe are definitely seven and nine yeah by kids they probably had the best draft I don't do that much better and bears and I mean even if we split again Green Bay we better get respect but let me get into this Bourbon and I got a treat for you guys may you definitely want to take notes so usually I start off with a blend of war Booker's old fat old force or work number key Lee but my wife got me on a kick of making cocktails so are the set of a whiskey sour I got a little spin I wanna call to Detroit sour so what I do is one ounce lemon five ounces of simple syrup a quarter ounce of yours look cool or grand marnier your George and I do it AEG white

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