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No News Is Bad News



And we're always grateful. Now I'm guessing is a bad time for all of us but as far as I know we're not going anywhere so if you can't contribute don't but if he can don't hold back go to on the media dot org to donate or text. Otm Two seven. Oh one a one. Covert nineteen is a global pandemic and a local story but after years of newspaper closures and layoffs vast swats of this country if no local news to speak up and the presses shuddered to a halt this morning. At missoula's weekly independent this week. The publisher of the Herald wrote a letter to readers saying unprecedented challenges or for marginalized communities. That need that kind of everyday information. They've lost that vital link to our society and to our democracy. God did not give newspapers and magazines the revenue that they think Google facebook took from them. If the starbucks had given away coffees for free and then started wanting to charge five dollars people would have gone. Nuts are solution is really basic. Just be there. Tell their stories and we find that that is working the depth and perhaps new life of local news coming up after this from WNYC in New York. This is on the media. I'm Bob Garfield Gladstone. We were having trouble with the lead for this episode which is devoted to the state of local news especially newspapers. We emphatically did not want to start any sentence with in a time when or end one with now more than ever but here we are in a time when now more than ever. I mean you know that. Journalism is historically seen is democracies bedrock because informs the electorate and you may know that local news consumption is correlated with higher community engagement in voting rates. You're aware that local reporting serves as the watchdog on corruption in and out of the State House malfeasance and inefficiency that costs taxpayers money.

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