Could intervene in the case of his former campaign advisor Roger Stone, who slated to report to prison next week.


Locked up in a federal jail in New York City extend far beyond the measures federal officials took when they first arrested her in New Hampshire last week. The Justice Department is added extra security precautions and placed federal officials outside the Bureau of Prisons in charge of ensuring there's adequate protection for Maxwell. That's to help prevent other inmates from harming her and to stop her from harming herself. President Trump hints he could intervene in the case of his former campaign advisor Roger Stone, who slated to report to prison next week. Fox's Sean Land, Jill explains. Long time GOP operative Roger Stone tells Fox News He's quote, praying for clemency just days before he's due to report to prison to serve out of 14 months sentence on charges stemming from the Russia investigation. Democrats say stones reduced sentence is evidence of the president wielding undue political influence over the Justice Department by President Trump tells Fox's Sean Hannity. I think it was the disgrace that they didn't give him a retrial. Roger Stone If the president does not intervene, Stone will head to prison July 14th. Sean Langil, Fox knees, President Trump's former personal attorney, and so called fixer Michael Cohen back in custody for violating the terms of his co Vered related release, Cohen was allowed to leave a federal prison in May because of concerns over Corona virus outbreak. He was then photographed eating at a Manhattan restaurant. Although he was supposed to serve out his sentence at home, Cohen's attorney says he reached out to the Federal Bureau of Prisons to try to get him released. Experts say it's highly unlikely to happen. A racehorse, named after one of the nation's top doctors is taking home his first win. Fauci is named after one of the most public health officials in the Corona virus fight Dr Anthony Fauci. He won his first race that Kentucky's Keeneland race course yesterday. The two year old horse finished the race in just under 59 seconds. In that 7 to 2 ruling, the high court has ruled that investigators in New York can seek trumps financial records. Justice has said the president is not above the law is not immune to investigations by the Manhattan district attorney's office. But another case got kicked back to the lower courts, the one involving house demands for access to the president's records. Justices said Lower courts need to give more consideration to significant separation of powers. Concerns evolved in the congressional subpoena for the president's tax and financial records. That was also a 7 to 2 ruling.

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