Seattle Police Chief Responds To 50 Percent Defunding Proposal


Seattle police chief Carmen Best warning of severe cuts If the city slashes the police department's budget in half tonight, she laid out what de funding would actually look like was called Miller Starts are live team coverage coverage with with a a breakdown breakdown of of what what would would be be on on the the chopping chopping block, block, Cole. Cole. Mary Mary Preston. Preston. It It was was a a little little more more than than one one month month ago ago when when protesters protesters were were here here outside outside of of the the East East Precinct, Precinct, first, first, demanding demanding those those massive massive cuts cuts to to the the Seattle Seattle Police Police Department Department budget budget if if it it were were to to happen, happen, chief chief Best Best says says there there would would be be drastic drastic cuts cuts to to the the number number of homicide detectives ableto work cases and that a lot more work would be put on the shoulders of far fewer patrol officers. With a national focus on police reform sweeping the country. The city of Seattle is gaining widespread attention after a majority of City Council members say they support funding SPD by 50%. It is undoubtedly a polarizing debate chief Carmen Best releasing this video message Friday. To be honest with you, no matter which way things go. There will be further cuts not only to SPD A citywide, and she also sent this letter to Mayor Johnny Durkin, highlighting what she says what happened, the Southwest precinct would have to shut its doors and overall, the department would be forced to terminate or transfer roughly 1100 employees, leaving just 630 deployable sworn members. The homicide and violent crimes team would be thinned down to less than 25 people. And with sexual assault cases less than 10 detectives dedicated to those investigations. Other specialty units such as auto theft, burglary, domestic violence, narcotics and vice chief Best says she sees no way to maintain them. The harbor unit Traffic unit and SWAT team would be done away with. I do not believe we should ask the people of Seattle to test out a theory that crime goes away if police go away. That is completely reckless. And up to this point, the mayor has agreed to cut as PDS budget by 5%. We reached out to her office as well as every city Council member tonight, hoping to get some reaction to what the chief had to say. We did not hear back

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