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Deaths in a single day. Now the World Health Organization is releasing new details on how Corona virus spreads in a report released Thursday, which says through direct, indirect or close contact with infected people through infected secretions, such a saliva and respiratory secretions or through their respiratory droplets. It really is the perfect storm. An infectious disease and public health persons Worst nightmare. It's a spectacularly transmissible virus. The efficiency With which this transmit is really striking. At the White House and Whitney wild reporting, And in Illinois, health officials reported more than 1000 new cases yesterday. That's the highest daily number since early June. The state's positivity rate remains low at 2.6%. Another 20 people lost their lives to Cove in 19 complications, bringing the state's death toll. More than 7100 Mayor Lightfoot has rolled out a game plan designed to guide Chicago's recovery from Cove in 19 150 government education, business community and activist

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