In Anaheim on the five north on the Disneyland Drive on ramp. There's a vehicle with the


From testing Ranch Road to Grand the right. Three lanes are blocked, Checking out roadwork. Into Commerce 17 north from Florence to the five the right. Two lanes are closed. I'm seeing slowing on the 7 10 south from the 60 to the five left lane has walked in from the fight of Florence. The left, two are closed and the 17 South connector To the five South is blocked in Gardena, 1 10 north from the 91 to El Segundo Boulevard. The right lane is blocked and from the 91 to the 105 The carpool lane. In addition to that right lane is also closed. North Hollywood 1 70 South victory to Riverside. The right sea lanes are closed and CHP headed to Lakeview Terrace to 10 eastern Osborn Street. There's a large piece of metal in the left lane that they need Teo get reduced, They might be stopping all lanes to get that then next, reported, 12 15. I'm tiny compass, with more traffic reports more often. Can extend 70 NewsRadio looking at the weather picture. You got some low clouds and fog near the coast through the morning hours. Clear inland, sunny

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