That's Rosalinda screaming at the top of a long don't know what you talked about.


In a tweet last night from City Councilman Greg Asar, the general of the resistance, the regressive insists, you know, resistance here in Austin. He says. Here's what it is, is a great stars. Tweet. Austin is getting request from South Texas to care for some of their Coben patients. They are welcome here. We must protect all of our fellow Texans lives the best we can. And then he goes on to say, I wish Governor Greg Abbott followed the same principle. So there you go. That's what Greg CAS are some of these hot spots in deep South Texas, the Rio Grande Valley. They've seen an incredible uptick in the number of cases. And apparently, these hospitals need some help, according to Greg. The last thing we wanted. I thought we were trying to prevent the transport of this virus did to shutting down flights, shutting down all kinds of things, bringing Mohr cases to Austin, Texas. It would be incredibly stupid. Greg is our Ah, What is he doing? Why would you bring him here? What is he doing? Sitting help their sin ST Royce Resource is there to help them? There you

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