What do Pac-12 and Big Ten decisions in going conference-only mean for college football?


Conference makes a major decision that would have a big impact on the upcoming college football season. It's become the second power league after the Big 10 to announce its cancelling all of its nonconference games for football and all other false sports in response to the ongoing Corona virus Pandemic. ESPN analyst at a Briton Berg says he expects the rest of the conference is to follow suit. I just think it's going to be harder for the league to go out of conference and feel That they can have those games put on safely, especially when you're having the travel component factored into it. Commissioner Larry Scott says this and flexibility for a later start after students have settled back on campus, not because of what's happening. In the training room or doing the strength and conditioning workouts. It's the socialization that's happening amongst young people that are back on campus and excited and happy to see each other. Each Pack 12 team will shave three games off its 12 game schedule, including US sees marquee matchups against Alabama and Notre Dame. Rain

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