Evers Mulling Over a State Mask Mandate - burst 6

Vicki McKenna


A right to talk to us. What is Mark Zuckerberg Don to give him a ride? He's what thirty years old. He hasn't even lived a life to tell us what we should say or shouldn't say. What are these tech giants who have never lived outside their ensconce billionaire bubbles. What gives them the right, but but but who cares about them? Why aren't the people that we put in to the office to fight them? Those those fascists who want to shut down speech who have probably booted some of your tweets off twitter or your posts off as whatever right where are. Where are the men with chests? You know. Where are the politicians with balls? Who are actually going to do anything except? Fall, down and say thank you to Chuck Schumer. If he allows them to get one quarter of a piece of legislation, they wanted passed. This is see this brings up my one of my points. I don't think anybody should be a leader in the Republican Party until here she has been in a fistfight, and both won one and lost one I wanNA know I'm not one of those lorries loser guys. I just wanted know you can take a punch and I wanNA know you gotta killer. Instinct, says sometimes you do win I'm so sick of Republicans who are really proud of their losses. Well, we came close guys and And say thank you, Bush. Administration appreciated. No, thanks look a lot of these guys just want to go along. They want it so much easier. Be Part of the status quo, and frankly they come out of the social class that that the liberals are primarily drawn from. I hate to be Marxist all, but there's a real class element here. The people who run our institutions, and in fact run them into the ground.

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