Called to be out 504 to 6. So win, though.


So win, though. Thank you. Joshua Hollywood star Johnny Depp's libel trials going on the day two in England, where CBS's Vicki Barker reports Lt's me in the main courtroom is holding only the judge. A few clerks Dept. Himself and the lawyers all sitting far apart. Ex wife Amber heard has been watching from a visitor's gallery. She's expected to testify against him and for the Sun tabloid, which called Dep a wife beater. On day one. Dep admitted to heavy drinking, trashing hotel rooms and occasionally erratic behavior. But he insisted the only domestic abuse victim during his short marriage was he himself. Vicki Barker. CBS NEWS London I'm Chris Miller. WWL First news. Here's Me Tucker on W W L AM FM and dotcom. So they said he was a wife beater.

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