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But we will maintain order


Will maintain order in the streets of Atlanta Atlanta thirties told channel eleven a hundred and fifty seven people were booked into Atlanta city detention center for violating the city's curfew and an additional sixty four arrests were also made Sunday night including county the city of Lawrenceville has also issued a curfew that will start at nine tonight as well well a driver who allegedly struck a land a police officer is being charged with do you why officer Maximilian bird is in the hospital right now recovering from surgery after many watched live as an ATV hit him on Marietta and spring streets on Saturday night the Atlanta police department revealed last night the ATV driver was reportedly under the influence at the time of the arrest investigators believe it wasn't intentional mayor Keisha lance bottoms says he has a long road to recovery we are very one of three weather forecast shows right now it's a beautiful sunny day with a high near eighty four

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