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Crypto Market Run!


Well? Look, let's talk about that. On the daily we sing bitcoin this way. Just the first things first last week we were up one point four five percent the week before we will down ten percents, so we've bounced back a little bit. Bickering is still very much in crab might. There's a potential highlight if we can push if we get the high low sort of eighty-six twenty-five, but only confirmed for can break above nine, nine six nine point five. So a little bit they still do and it's been lagging quite a bit. From the rest of the top ten bitcoin bitcoins whiting bonding, it's a very big pumps going on some very strong moves in Dade that have been moving along actually wrote an article today on Mickey Dot Com dot a U. If you want to go, have read of that as to how I think we may see how bitcoin could potentially bright ten thousand without having new market participation. and. That's the back of the profits of people. Hopefully we'll look to bank in the ultimate. They've had so bitcoin right now. It's up one point. Two seven percent yesterday was down two point, six nine percent, and just sort of waddling along still. A theory of very nice move over the weekend we saw it up on Saturday ten point, five nine percent, and also the yesterday down five point one currently up four percent at two hundred forty dollars and fifty eight cents. Now a theory did give some phenomenal cradled trades back on was that there was on the Friday I. The twenty ninth of May cracking tried their very good run, and some very good profit have been banked. It's a great trend right now. That perk contract is is really really strong. The daily now has a high alone is pushed to a high high, definitely waiting to trade their automatics. I'll tell you what we're about twenty cents. Where at twenty point four? Yesterday would down. It was down two point four five percent today currently at twenty four set up one point two percent. Not really the best daily is really being slow. Old X.. Pay of life late gets moving. On. BITCOIN cash Saturday up six percent Sunday down five and a half currently at one point six percent up. WHO's sitting at two hundred, forty, three, hundred twenty five cents. As fate and daily chat waddling along the way came up seven down five point eight today. At one point, four seven percent of one ninety four dot, it I'd like. Coin is a daily uptrend. Does look quite nice. The problem that I've got is that. Time from our stalking on the. For cradle. It's a bit big for me right now. The weekend, however well, what did it do? It had a cracking day on Saturday seven point three five percent up. Pulled Sunday down four point five. As save up one point seven percent now forty six does that he hadn't. Done too much those how brief run like Donna! And a Theorem of one point six percent, a great for our cradle on the weekend Moi goodness. Bama, but Madura had a great day, so it doesn't matter to me. Okay so set it up six percent Sunday down three point six six today up one point five six two dollars seventy warm bonds. It's a trend now. Because Saturday's move was up four point two nine percent. Then it pushed higher until closing down three point. Six seven percent currently were seventeen doubles thirty seven, that represents of one point, six eight percent, dying on the die, looking nozzle, waiting for. For pullback got it again. The idol Kreider Kennel. It's a little bit big. It's a little bit big potentially. Vefour may on just sort of while I've got three hours ago. A white and see how I go there it's a it's A. It's a maybe from from my point of view the twelve out not so bad sixteen about a little wall to white there and on a car down. This has been my best trade of the profit. Wise even. Excuse me. I didn't risk four percent on this. To, cradle up thirty, two one on that trade Saturday an eighteen percent high up. Until Sunday down three point, seven percent carlisle were up seven point five at seven point nine cents. Great-looking we can chop. Classic pulled back to a level of resistance at six dollars ninety one big spot there settled APPs three point three Sunday down seven point five four today, bouncing off that old level, and we're up seven percent at seven dollars and five cents John Another one that had a good day Saturday up nine nine percent, also all the four talk from a great cradle on that Saturday morning, or that morning was to I am, but you also have another shot at the title at ten. I am the next day of so looking for good big big strong move. Their big profits frame. That took that. Of course now it's still pushing well up three percent. Sitting at one point, six three cents

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