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Them together in packs right and for whatever reason he got separated from a


Reconnect with them but there was a police line kind of in between Ammar officer making some arrests after people throwing rocks at him in the area of Ryan guys up on the commission and that was why police say they they grabbed him detained team didn't realize I guess that he was a reporter I didn't really listen initially to his explanation that he was a reporter and ignore the tag by the time I guess they call the chief immediately chief Isaac came in would make sure he was released apologized and the mayor of Cincinnati issued an apology and he did and his apology say that you know the curfew that was in fact last night does not apply to the media that he feels like they are we are a very important eyes and ears of but I do admit it I mean we are and we have a role in all this I mean if you know you didn't if we weren't out there I mean you'd only have to go on but the police officers say the role for the riders you know say and and I mean at least there is some you know I'd keeping someone keeping an eye on things some occasionally objective look usually I I mean you know

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