SpaceX makes history with successful rocket launch


Let's talk about space we lost some will not I don't and and and a lot of firsts were involved in this first of all it it was a private space company SpaceX which started in I think two thousand two and Eli must company a private space rocket company they worked along side NASA they pick they basically SpaceX did the whole thing from start to finish they designed the rocket they designed the capsule and and these guys launch astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob bank in Bob and Doug they kept calling him on the launch I was watching the live feed and I could not not think about the SCTV scary for the movie strange brew with Bob and Doug McKenzie I can't want to calm hoser it it is I don't I I love this kind of stuff I think it's absolutely fascinating and if if you're like why are people making such a big deal about this because it was everywhere a bunch of people watched it everybody was talking about it I'm it it is it is really quite a remarkable thing and you've got these two seasoned astronauts right these guys are like that the commander dog is a marine pilot he's been to space a couple times this guy has flown he's docked with the international space station on his own he's manual controls that is a nearly impossible task it's not tried searching for I did I'll try searching for it on link then you will have a hard time finding this guy to hire they hired like one of the white people in the planet is the only got this particular job yeah in or off the planet he's the only guy but but this time they used computers they launching these if you saw any of the video it's this beautifully sleek cushioned capsule that they're in they have and I can explain why mom was a who owns SpaceX yon yep and if you look at the inside the capsule looks like it really does Tesla's known for having a steering wheel in a TV essential hand side and end up breaking out into the Aggie can't look out of gas pedal and accelerator pedal and that's what the inside of this without the accelerator pedal that's what the inside of this looked like it was all touch screen also not like what you the the the NASA space capsule that you have come to admire and from from movies it doesn't look like anything like that anymore it looks much much more modern it is what the future space flight in one of the significant things here is this is the the beginning of the privatization of space flight right the the way it used to work was was it's not like that there have been private contractors building the stuff if you work at Boeing you know Boeing's history of building major components of every space mission I'm going it was front center it doesn't really happen without bowing right and other American contractors who do who developed a high tech but it was all in the auspices in the funding of NASA this is different NASA was involved but essentially NASA was the contractor helping these guys get to outer space it becomes it's a very interesting reversal of roles and if you don't think that that Jeff Basil's and his blue origin was sitting out there both rooting for and against the wasn't reading I think Francis aster but he certainly wasn't rooting for massive success unless he feels like Hey there's it's a big universe there's room out there for all of us it was very very interesting to think about I mean for you one must love him or hate him in in you probably do both on the on any given month given the way the guy behaves getting a space program off the ground in from two thousand when it was it was too two thousand ten till now is a standing yeah without denial of land over rockets and you know it wise it really is kind of remarkable and this is if you or anything of a space junkie and I am this was a real historic day and worth seeing and on top of that like we talked about once before on the show there is a simulator where you can actually try to really high it's it's similar to what you can try and doc this thing on your own that is it marks up the similar it simulated that they used I don't know how many times I ended up into deep space on saleable or brand right into the space station because I couldn't get it done they used to have like a a simulator in Cape Canaveral in Florida and I went down there with my dad when I was a kid and he's a pilot he he's a commercial if he's one big jets and everything he gets in the similar I barely I mean he didn't he didn't do it he couldn't actually do but got really really close and he's like man that was like the hardest thing I've ever done right the space shuttle used to have I this is my favorite part of storage space shuttle used to have two thousand manual switches right and you're when you're an astronaut you flick and then you're doing all the stuff turn these this this has twenty from two thousand to twenty everything is touch screen and these guys Bob especially the commander he's an old school marine and at first he was like I don't know about all this because when you're wearing the big astronaut gloves and you're flipping switches and it's real important that those switches get flipped there's you know when you physically flipped it or toggled it or whatever it is that right with a touch screen he's he's like that took a lot of getting used to so the SpaceX people are like we got you Bob and they created like a like a little like bloom like when you touch the screen you see some sort of a visual indication well it is actually touched it's the whole thing in your phone we're so between the two at the haptic response to refer to it as when your phone buzzes or clicks right when you do that kind of stuff the reason that they keep the shutter noise in a camera what they don't need the center noise in the camera anyway all of these things are because we're so a **** waited to flicking that switch to feeling that resistance some sort of physical contact with it and so they just dumbing it up for our own company even though it's not necessary that's exactly what they did here everybody knows Houston as in Houston you have a problem mission control this is as Mike said not a NASA mission so mission control you with they heard they heard voices from Hawthorne California that's for SpaceX is based out of so this is just changing changing the whole game yeah I mean but you know Hawthorne has its own problems so I suppose in some point locally we never get to that point and it and I think that that's really what now so it was not built solely to make space a government enterprise but to alternately allow this sort of building to happen and I think NASA's done a really remarkable job of pivoting to what the future is in becoming sort of this agency to essentially becoming an incubator for private space right and that is actually not a dumb thing for for them to do and and now we have four companies and more in other countries that are actually buying for this for this sort of dominance it's a pretty interesting thing it really is it's one of those many things like we talk about in Seattle that underscores what it what it what a real setback it feels like for Paul Allen to have died because he was also involved in a project out of Syria and so a lot of a lot of effort now in the private sector of doing this thing but this thing being successful is good news for everybody including other companies that are competing with them because we needed to see it happen from a private company and I certainly hope that this is just the beginning of a really really interesting future

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