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D.C. bishop 'outraged' Trump used tear gas on citizens for photo op at church


The White House Twitter account meanwhile posted a produced video documenting the president's response soon after he said this in the rose garden I am here president of law and order and an ally of all peaceful protesters but in recent days our nation has been gripped by professional anarchists violent mobs arsonists looters criminals riders antifa and others as the president spoke National Guard troops were breaking up peaceful protests outside of the White House the president then walked to the historic but boarded up Saint John's church known as the church of presidents to have his photo taken holding a Bible joining us now for more is NPR national political correspondent Mara license and Mara president trump was widely criticized for standing in front of that church including by the episcopal bishop of DC called a charade what was the president trying to achieve and do you think he achieved that and that moment when he I gave their statements I think what he was trying to achieve was sent a message to his base that he as you just heard him say is the president of law and order he also said that he was dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers in DC so the message was about cracking down not calming down he did say he wanted justice for George Floyd and his family but that was just one sentence he didn't say exactly how he wants to go about that whether it's prosecuting the police officers are setting up a task force on racism and police departments that the speech was very militaristic there have been some polling that showed that his base was slipping and he went back to one of his core messages about law and order and he ran on this in twenty sixteen the unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore helped him win and I think he thinks it's gonna help him again that threat to send the military into states that don't control protesters there's a lot of debate about whether he can actually do that or should he do that is not likely to happen well he can't do it whether he will do it is another question he said yesterday that he strongly recommends that every governor deployed the National Guard a lot of governors have already deployed the National Guard then he said that if you don't establish an overwhelming law enforcement presence I will deploy the U. S. military and and solve the problem now this is a little bit reminiscent of his stance during the pandemic which is I have total authority but the governors have total responsibility I don't think that the president will federalize the National Guard if he does that then he is responsible for quelling the unrest all over the country but I think that he absolutely cam or something called the insurrection act which allows him to federalize the National Guard it's been used before in nineteen ninety two after the Rodney king riots in Los Angeles bought at that time it was California elected officials the mayor of Los Angeles who requested that the U. S. military help yeah Joe Biden gave a speech today in Philadelphia ripping into the president's response to the protests what was his message and and how do you expect this issue to play out on the campaign over the next several months well I think this issue will be a big one in the campaign of course that helping depends on how long the protests going on how long the riots go on but Joe Biden has been struggling to get some air time the president has dominated the media narrative and Joe Biden is presenting himself as the polar opposite of the president and he's someone who will heal the nation he will deal with these systemic problems don't forget what gave rise to these rights was a kind of triple whammy of the pandemic has hit African American communities harder than any other the unemployment in the recession has hit African American communities harder than any other and now this these instances of police brutality so young African American men ages eighteen to twenty five who've been sitting home cooked up locked down for the last couple of months they haven't been teleworking you know they've been suffering from each one of these problems and it was a recipe for violence and Joe Biden says I can fix these problems Donald Trump isn't even addressing them that's Marlize Senshi is national political correspondent for NPR Mar as always thank you thank you

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