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Have to get a picture of yours because yours is, yours is pre epic I like it a lot, but I also kind of inspired for my cap I have all black ones because I have like black scrubs, black jacket and Now exactly back when you were able to get face masks, I also had black basement, so I looked like. It's like half Hitman half, Ninja. But I'm thinking I might get colorful headwinds because there are crazy like every like the surgical caps come in any kind of like crazy design you ever want might that might be like like some people wear the Monkey Bowtie. I'll just wear like the funky hat thing maybe I know. Michigan one. Exactly kidding, you get a Michigan state wide, and then all the Michigan fans hate you and vice versa. That's the thing. It's just like living. The South football's rough it is it is I'm telling you? So? How do you know? How do you know when someone's in Michigan Fan? Don't worry. Don't worry. They'll tell you exactly. You've heard that one for exactly so. and. We just lost any Michigan listeners..

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