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7 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Marketing


Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them. To a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream. Host DOT COM slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about seven simple ways to save money on your marketing so you're going to go first with number one. Yes easiest way to save money on your marketing is go out there and save money on things like your other bills right. 'cause if everything else is cheaper you can spend more on marketing. So there's a site called G. S. V. Labs Dot Com and there this passport service which is ninety nine dollars and it gives you credit to things like cloud computing your stripe bill your sales or spill and it just knocks off a lot of expenses and if you knock off a lot of expenses you save money it allows you to spend more marketing and some of their coupons and discounts to give you a hundred thousand dollars in Amazon web services credit or even one hundred thousand dollars in Google cloud credit. That's a lot of money cool. So that one's great and then the second one I would say. It's user service true bill so a lot of us were spending a lot of money on subscriptions so true. Bill can be used negotiate your own kind of subscription and they'll kind of make a note of all the subscriptions that you're paying for right now but at the same time you can connect it to all your business bank accounts in Your Business Credit cards and I think they'll help you negotiate it. But they'll take a percentage of whatever they helped us save a so true bill dot com is something to check out another simple thing you can end up do is you can end up changing your payment methods so a lot of marketing like eggs and things like that. What those as eventually. As you spend more money they want you to go through invoicing but at the beginning especially when you're starting off in you need to save the money would do is go. Switch it your credit cards for those two percent cashback cards and I know that doesn't sound like a lot. But if you're azer two percent cheaper and you have thirty days to pay it it adds up over time. Yeah this one depending on when you listen to. This might not be as relevant anymore. I'd argue maybe not. Let's bring this back so what I would say is think about how you can cut costs as well by outsourcing some of your marketing to right so spend on the things that the sounds tough but maybe you had someone that was tied dedicated to writing. Maybe you don't need that anymore right now. You might need to cut costs there. And say hey. Why don't we switch to a contractor type of thing? Now this is probably the last resort type of thing. Because you don't WanNa mess with someone else's livelihood but a lot of people are still doing this. I still wanted to put that out there because that is a way to save on marketing number five. Why I want you to end up doing is right now. In your marketing. You're probably paying for a lot of tools. Go look for the fee tools for everything that you're doing. Eric has free tools that click flow like tool. I Have Uber says which has very generous free tool. There's also paid plans of both of ours again. You get the point. You can do a lot of stuff for free there's Ghulam Already know about. You're probably paying for more custom marking data and bi tools like Google data studio and one hundred percent free and you can just go out there and look for all the free versions of tools and there are some companies. Even if you're paying for tools head him up Adam of discounts for startups or any startup programs. The ones you are paying for. Maybe you can get your bills down a little bit more all right number six so depending on the business that you're in may be working with influencers works well so now is the time. Where a lot of influencers? A lot of people are dialing back their marketing budgets. A lot of these influencers that used to make a Lotta money. Guess what you get a discount now so you can reach out to influencers and especially the ones that are up and coming and offer money where you can. Basically you can get exposure for pennies on the dollar so try reach out to some influencers. It depends on the industry that you're in especially to be maybe not so much. Bbc maybe and last but not least you can do with employees and contractors. Keep my job. Market's really bad if you're struggling as well if you're not. I don't recommend doing this but if you are struggling you can talk with your marketing team and get them to all take. Maybe a ten fifteen percent pay cups. You can do that with your contractors as well the other thing that you can do. That's quite unique is if you are paying a lot of contractors and you're spending money and you know that hey they wanna make sure that you're going to be there for a

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