2020 Top 10 Films So Far (Special Episode) - burst 07


That so Yeah, the platform. Is On netflix great movie I yeah I I liked it a lie, and also a really great example of like a less as more kind of thing to to really just. Squeeze every last ounce of you know out of that little that little place you know. Yeah I think so and I. Think sometimes like you start watching this movie. And once you get what it is about which is like very easy to get you think or at least I thought it was like. How is this going to be like a whole movie right? But they come up with a lot of different directions to take the story that manages to make it feel like it really warrants being a feature film for sure. Well, my number, seven's also netflix movie. It is spike leased five bloods which I think was. A we didn't do an episode on it here on the show probably should. Maybe we will one of these days, but

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