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This afternoon. We're going up to a high of 75 degrees. It'll still be pretty human out there. Alot of 66 then tonight are also dealing with a good deal of fog out there this morning. Once again for your Thursday tomorrow. Looks like we could have early morning shower. Outside of that The better weather is going to start as we'll see some sunshine tomorrow afternoon could feel a lot warmer to getting up too high of 83 degrees. Then on Friday, things will start to cool off a bit. We could see a shower to on Friday with a high of 75 but as we clear out towards the weekend, we're looking pretty good. There is chance of a thunderstorm, potentially on Saturday. It'll have clouds and sunshine in the mix with a high of 74 then for Sunday. We're getting up to 83 degrees with again a chance of a thunderstorm around in the afternoon. Right now we're at 63 degrees in Newburyport were at 62 in Worcester Red, 63 down the Cape in Brewster and in Boston. Right now 67 degrees with cloudy skies. It is 505 on W B. Z.

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