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Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, tells Congress Daily Corona virus infections could more than double in coming weeks. We're now having 40 plus 1000 new cases a day. I would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 day. If this does not turn around, and so I am very concerned, found she points to indoor gatherings and bars for the surgeon cases and urges all Americans to wear masks. We've got to get that message out that we are all in this together, and if we're going to contain this, we've got to contain it Together. Hospitalizations air increasing in 12 states. The latest count has daily cases, up 1.9%. That's above last week's average and approaching twice the level seen just one month ago. Bloomberg's John Tucker joins us Live with more Good Morning, John and Good Morning, Nathan in Florida, Miami Dade County reporting its highest number of hospitalizations in nearly two months. The state has banned consumption of alcohol in bars. But Governor Rhonda Santa's has no plans for additional measures. I'm not

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