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The superintendent of public instruction says parents need to start thinking ahead. We'll have more on all of that coming up in just a few, but right now we got to get you on home. So let's go right to detour down in the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic center. Thank you. Becky Lin, a wreck on the 10 westbound near 67th Avenue has been moved. It's all off left up against the median wall, but traffic is still step struggling to get by. Looks like you're still squeezed up in that H O V lane. Even though it is open. I'd still lean to the right and we're still seeing some leftover slow and go west of the 17 stack after 67th Avenue, but it's lighter than it was. And if it keeps up, we're going to see it recover out of the East side. We just had all in three open. Just seconds ago, I 10 westbound near wild horse pass. This is where we had a vehicle. Fire right wings were blocked, and they just reopened. However, they are off to the right at this location as well. So lean to your left. We've also got erect 19th Avenue in

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