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It's a pleasure to be with you, and I'm glad to get back to your phone calls. Emails later at 866 A large that's 8664395277 You can also send emails. To talk at Lars Larson dot com. But I've been looking forward to this for a while to talk to Tom Klaven, who is the author of so many New York Times best selling books, and he's taken on one of America's favorite stories, but one I'm going to suggest right at the start. Most people if you ask them, they'll say, I know who the ER brothers were, or I know who Doc Holliday was. And I've heard about Tombstone, but most of what they know, maybe through either conventional wisdom. Popular belief, maybe some movies and there have been some good movies about that. I want to hear the true story of Tombstone, The ER brothers Doc Holliday and the Vendetta Ride from Hell. Its author is Tom Craven. And he joins me now from Sag Harbor, New York, Tom Welcome to the program. Thank you for having me on the show. So how much of what people think They know about Tombstone and the herbs and Doc Holliday actually matches with the really history. You know, I would be generous to say maybe 50% of probably less. Ah, you know, you mentioned that, uh many people may have received their information, the movies. I mean, I think I think that's true of a lot of people. Actually, they've seen pictures like the one title that gunfight at the OK Corral with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. They've seen the movie Tombstone with Kurt Russell in Bell Kill where they've seen, Uh, my darling Clementine with Henry Fonda playing whiter and, um, you know, the in all of cases, especially some of the earlier movies. The facts were played with characters were played with and they also for the most part when these movies and it's at the gun if I at the OK corral, which is not the end of the story. That was a big reason why I wrote the book. Tombstone is because There's there's There's our exciting events that took place in the war that was going on between the law and order Faction and the Cowboys and the ranchers did not end with the outcome of the OK Corral is as explosive as it wass. Well, as you said it up. I want to talk first. Not about the famous names. Let's talk about the town. What would that town have been? Like? What would we have seen if we'd walked down the main street there before the shootout at the OK Corral? I think many people today would be very surprised because they probably think of again like one of these cliche movie sets of a dusty town with a few wooden buildings up up, but two stone of the San Francisco of the Southwest it it only began in 18 77 78 with a discovery by one particular prospector. Had she fallen off. Of silver. And overnight his boom town and its construction was going crazy, and people are showing up by train by by by Horace like that again, everywhere they could get there. And within by by the time of the gonna fight that they was gonna fight, which is October. Anyone to still has a rather sophisticated place and had it had French restaurants and hotels and theaters were productive, Productive Musical production. Shakespeare Productions were going on. It builds its own town theater for conventions. It was it was considered at one point, maybe moving the capital, the territory of Arizona to stop So I think people would be surprised at that. But it didn't have the image of a frontier town that's barely hanging on. But actually to stone was was AH, growing, thriving City. I'm talking to Tom Cleaven, Who's the author of Tombstone to Your Brother's Doc Holliday in the Vendetta ride from Hell. He's also the best selling author of Dodge City and Wild Bill. If you haven't read those already you should check them out. So you have this someone sophisticated city. As you said, perhaps even being kind of blade is the state capital. And what was the town's attitude toward, you know, toward rough characters? Like the ER brothers and Doc Holliday and the rest. Well, the town and it was evolving because what to stone was first founded, and it was a boom town, a kind of a rough and ready boom town. Uh, the the attitude of most of its inhabitants will probably in line with the ranchers surrounding it of the Cowboys, which was let things stay wide open. Where our Frontier town, let's let's not get too strict about the laws. But as to still start the girl you had board were people coming into what I said. You know what I want? I want to settle it on open business here. I want to build school Hill or build churches owner raise a family here. So the attitude was changing too. Like, Well, we can't have cowboys coming in shooting the place up whenever they feel like it. We can't have these ranchers who are slipping across the border into Mexico, stealing cattle, bringing him back over rebranding them and selling them to the army into the restaurant. You know, we need to have some kind of civilization here that we could if we could build on what look going to the 20th century. And and the ER brothers very reluctantly. Ah, fell in tow. Their was a gap between you know that's what people wanted to do and what their law enforcement was willing to do. Their was a gap there, and reluctantly, the Earth brothers fell into that they They were, You know, a bit of the old West themselves. You know, it wasn't like they were this progressive group of people. But with the absence of the sheriff, for example of Cochise County doing his job When when it looked like there was gonna be a fight between the old West and the due West, The herbs found themselves in the position of defending or trying to save tombstone from big pulled back into the past. So they're the heroes in this story. I'm talking Tio Tom Klaven, who rode Tombstone most recently has written about 16 other books. So let's go to the characters now the ER brothers and how much do they match up to popular fiction? Well, you know, One of the things that I wanted to write the book about was the relationship of the ER brothers, you know to stone represented on a personal level represented a couple of things one. It was a chance for a bunch of the brothers. There was six brothers altogether and five have got together in Tombstone. They were going to be this very close knit family that we're going to go and become businessman and B make profits together. And become respectable. And maybe if they're like it become wealthy together, so stone represented that family opportunity to do something together because they were very clannish brothers. And it was also a personal things because wider, uh, basically fell in love with the sheriff's girlfriend, fiance and stole her away from the sheriff so that she became The fourth Mrs Wyatt ERP, but he got it right this time because they were together for the next 43 years. So there's there's a 1,000,000 personal aspect to the story that these these are not necessary, larger than life character, their flesh and blood characters who are trying to find their way in a new kind of frontier. So What? What is this set of what creates the conditions for the final. You know the final showdown in the final shoot out. Well, you have got to use the term bad guys, even though it's not completely correct. The bad guys were really, really bad guys weren't really, really good, either, but still called bad guys were the the rustling ranchers If you have the corrupt Cowboys and And they really wanted, uh, the old western, the Wild West to stay wild. And if they wanted to get drunk and shoot up the town nobody should stop and that they're right. And then you had on the other side. The Earth brothers represented. Those that I've mentioned before wanted wanted to have civilization and you know it got to the point where these two sides were kept rubbing each other the wrong way they'd be having these confrontations. And they have to feel Doc Holly plays an important role here because he was a hothead. And you know, he wide earth was probably the only friend he had it he had wide are a very cool customer who's not quick, quick to rush to judgment and do outlandish kind of things. Doc Holliday. With somebody you could very hard to control keep under graphs. We're going to talk about that in the next segment I'm talking to Tom Clave in his latest book is Tombstone. The ER brothers Doc Holliday and the Vendetta Ride from Hell. He's the author of so many other books, including Dodge City and Wild Bill in Today's World, Violent Crime Convicted Mai's Anybody at any time.

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