Philadelphia Police Investigating Murder Of Black Transgender Woman


As tens of thousands across the country protest against racial injustice following the death of George Floyd a black transgender woman was found murdered in Philadelphia more from K. Y. W. community affairs reporter Terry correct June is pride month a time of celebration in the crease visibility for the LGBTQ community but this week became one of morning where police found the body of Dominique Remi fells a black transgender woman police say she had been stabbed multiple times and dismembered and thrown in the river her limbs were found days later in bags my reaction was honestly another one that's transgender activist days Elaine Alvarez who says Remy was in her twenties and was vibrant and want to thrive in life by being who she really was but that reality she says can be deadly especially for transgender women of color who are often victims of transphobic hate and violence we need to talk about showing them and why and until society is ready to have the conversation this is going to continue to happen Freddie's death is being handled by special homicide investigations unit Human Rights Campaign issued a report last November saying twenty six trans women of color were murdered in twenty eighteen and at least twenty two were murdered last year Greg he would have

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