New Theory on Oumuamua - burst 08


Know astrobiologist of worried this might rule out the idea of any lifeforms evolving on the planet of a Red Dwarf. Stars, so that's why the idea of an earth like each planet. An say that because he's thought to be almost twice as big as the about one point, nine tons bigger than the but it orbiting a star, and the critical thing as Kinda hinted already, it's orbiting in the in the goldilocks of the wow, star the habitable zone. In fact, it's year. Is Not very different from ours. A year is three hundred seventy eight of our days, so that is. You know that's makes it really interesting. It's likely to have a similar surface temperature to to our own planet. Think I, so one suggestion that on average may well be about average temperature five degrees Celsius which is actually. Lower Than House we we sit with an average surface temperature a fifteen degrees. Butts five degrees, which still freezing and you know it's interesting from an astro biology point of view. Yes, indeed. I imagine the gravity would be. Favorite, different the countries it would. It would be probably be higher. A lot depends. Case. Ain't really about whether. This is a place that might host life is what the atmosphere like and. The moment the observations that lead to the idea that this planet exists. That they're not. Certain, they put them at the five percent level Of probability that this is a real plan and the reason I say that is that. It's it's. Effect on its parents star, as I mentioned earlier because it's a sunlight star that is crossing in front of the. In! Star brightness as this planet policies in front of is very very small until still. They're still teasing the signal out of the out of the noise. The other thing of course is that with a period of three hundred and seventy days. That's how long you've got to wait between transits of the planet in front of Star, so it's quite a a slow job. It's a matter of some years that will be needed before this will be confirmed that the ninety nine percent level which is what you need to give it. A ticket confirmed planet so a very very sure. It's a rocky planet, though by the sound of it. Yeah, yes. I think you're right? I think that's that's correct. Good. It's very likely to be a rocky planet a super earth. This is Classical ideas. Interesting stuff, and once again as in so many of our storage Andrew. It's a question of watching this space. More observations of gained than we'll know more about it, but. Is it close enough to Sidhu? Some sort of spectrum analysis of its atmosphere and say what's going on. It is. With the next generation of telescopes, it's actually quite a long way away for. Three thousand light years away. which is not nearby. But with particularly with capitalist telescope that will. Have the capability to do a infrared spectroscopy. On the subject. and maybe we will discover more about it once that spacecraft in orbit, and then if goes further down the track. When we've got the the three extremely large telescopes which are currently on the stocks, they too will contribute to this of so will suddenly find out more about it. But, maybe not. Within the next few months, something can be done with track. But it's in right place and. Everything adds up look. Let's face it they they have to be. Like planets, orbiting Sun like stars at the. Probably, squealing of them, but you have few, and far between as far as Arabs, ovation's concerned and that's what makes it difficult. Anarchists Guess for a lot of people frustrating because we want find them. We want to find planets in habitable zones because. That just sorta opens the door a bit to the possibility that they could be some form of life. At beyond our solar system and Analyzing the atmosphere could could provide telltale signs. Could exactly that's that's what's. That's what we're all looking forward to. A thought of another reason why we wouldn't want to live on this planet, even if you could have a life aside from its gravity, which I think might be a bit stifling a at a rotational Year of three hundred seventy is I. Think you said you get ripped off if you let's just ballpark figure out of the average age of a human being at eighty. On that planet, you Seventy six point. There's another reason not to go. That's a bit close to the book for me. It's the same amount of time for. It doesn't just doesn't sound that way. Putting the Karen on cruise control, you feel lucky going slowly, but you really are doing the same spare. All Right? Hopefully, they'll be more detail on this particular planet, which sounds very exciting date. You're listening to space nuts. Andrew Dunkley here with the Great Fred Watson.

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