14 players who could get long-term contracts this week


We're going to start off the last segment talking about. Deadlines as Their short time remaining for long term contracts with the deadline for franchise tag players to work out. long-term deals is now less than a week away. As Wednesday at four PM Eastern Standard Time draws near that is the deadline for any club that designated a franchise player to sign, said player to a multi year contract, following Wednesday tag player cannot signed an extension until after the final game upcoming regular season, and thus far of the fourteen players tag ten have signed their tenders and none have agreed to long term contracts so. With the economic uncertainty, due to unpredictable future amid the COVID, nineteen pandemic NFL insider Ian. rapoport reported Friday that it appears as if several will be playing on their one year deals including Tampa Bay Edge Shaq, Barrett. Washington Guard bread and sheriff in Jacksonville Pass, rusher, Nick In jock, who so? Those who are remaining to sign their tags are Djakou Denver Safety Justin Simmons Cincinnati Wide Receiver Green, and Chiefs Defensive Lineman Chris Jones. We talked about earlier, so the players who have signed their franchise tender is deck press got of course for thirty one million dollars temp Tennessee's Derrick Henry for ten million Hunter Henry sign through ten point six. Joe Sunni in New England sign fourteen point eight for his franchise tenure Washington. Brennan Sarah Sign Fifteen million. Leonard Williams scientists sixteen million in New York Baltimore's Matthew June signed for sixteen point eight Pittsburgh Buzzed depre- signed for fifteen point eight, and Minnesota's Anthony Harrison for eleven point four so. Of the franchise fourteen, each of them had their own story, but as a whole few seemed destined for long-term signings, many seem to have some contention with the tag and lease who are filling filing grievances regarding the position that they were designated ad

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