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It's time once again to answer your burning market questions. Total request was such a hit guy of lots of fun, right? We've got so many questions. We thought we'd take some more. And our first question comes from John and Long Island. Guys. This is John from long. Island by question on salesforce, our border in the march lows, and it seems to hit a resistance point at two hundred dollars a share. Do you think I should sell right now as it may not only exhilarated from here. Hold or potentially by more on your thoughts. Thank you. All right John From Long Island, Jeff males! What do you say to him about crm? Well look if you bought at the lowes. You're probably working on a thirty five forty percent gain something like that so I think at that point in time. It's always smart to take a little bit off the table so I would start there. John but I'd also say. The stock is holding a multiyear uptrend. It looks like it wants to break out to a new absolute high. It looks like it wants to break out to a new relative high versus the SNP so I actually think that you can play the momentum and salesforce, but definitely take a little bit off the table if you're games, are that big? I tend to agree I. Mean it's really not just about my view on the stock. It's about what is the prudent way to go ahead and risk manage up thirty five forty percent. You one hundred percent need to be taking some chips off the table. I would agree I would agree as well in terms of the long-term uptrend. I would say it is pressing down a little bit towards if I remember correctly is fifty day moving average, but as long as it holds those long term averages. With, at least a portion of of my investment, absolutely all right, our next question is an international one. It comes to Roberto all the way from South Africa. I'm loving the show all the way from South Africa. Wanted to ask question relating to gold. It has run within one hundred dollars of historical high. So my question is. Is it time to start shorting gold and gold stocks? I mean even full Toronto two thousand. There should be more downside than up rats. I just wanted to say. Thank you for having me on the show. And thank you for your amazing analytics. As! Roberto from South Africa Guy Jami who knew we had fans although in South Africa. That is unbelievable. You know when back in another life one of our largest clients was the Reserve Bank of South. Africa And the road I believe from Pretoria to Johannesburg. Is Route One on one? And that was the codename Anecdotal Story I. Know Nobody Cares shorting gold here to me is a very short term trade. I do not although you had a huge reversal Newmont huge reversal panamerican. Silver today I. Don't think that's the right way to play. It I'm of the belief. That Gold's going to continue to move higher as his silver, and as are the mining stocks. You can be selective if you WANNA try to short them, but Roberto I stay long the commodities specifically gold and silver for the next six to nine months for sure Jaffa was your Taylor South African friend. Yeah I think that's probably too and I'll comment on silver specifically as well you know that's put in a massive base, and it looks to be breaking out to the upside so I agree with Guy Look in this environment. You might be able to play it on the short side for a quick trade, but overall I just think momentum's too strong you. You have had flows that are really aggressive into gold and the gold miner, so for that reason I think you can play it on the short side near term, but the momentum strong so I think looking out any further than maybe a month or so you probably want to stay on alongside of it

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