Did NASA discover a parallel Universe? - burst 10


Parallel universe out there all right well. It's a very long walk from two neutrinos to. There's a parallel universe. Right next to you all right. Now How much time do we have ten minutes or I? Go is complicated, but the short version of it is. If! There's a parallel universe then there might be some heavy kind of Neutrino gathered collected in the center of the Earth which is decaying in producing these neutrinos in shooting them out from the center of the Earth. What assured version late at there's at what what's at the center? Neutrinos are hanging out in the center of the Earth. The is we have neutrinos, and there's lots of mysteries about neutrinos like we don't know if neutrinos have their own anti particle, if there are other really heavy neutrinos we've never seen before. We had a whole episode about that kind of mystery. And they're connected to other really deep mysteries in physics. Like why do we have matter and not antimatter? Why is time flow forward and not backwards? You know every time in physics we see something which is imbalanced, which is symmetric. We ask why you know the way we blamed an adrenal. Well there's just so easy you know easy. There's so neutral they don't care being. being sneaky about something. Those neutrinos are hiding something I can smell it never trust without an opinion. Isn't that what I just said. But you know it's like wondering. Why are humans more right handed and left handed? There's something going on. There's a clue to brain. Or something, so we wonder why they're more matter. Wise time flow forwards and one simple way to sort of get rid of that question is to say well, maybe not actually `asymmetry. Maybe there's another universe where time flows backwards, and it's filled with anti-apartheid. Lake semi, we started together, but then we got split off. Yeah, at the big, Bang to universes were created one made of matter. We're time lows forwards and one made of anti matter where time flows backwards. But them and we're right on top of each other or right next to each other none neither i. mean that doesn't really make any sense. It's like you know. Time is flowing backwards. It's a different part of space I mean it's parallel in a sense that it's like not here. There's not right next to you. It's not anywhere in our space. That's like whereas yesterday. I don't know. It's not to my left to my right. You know it's backwards and ti need. Like the South Pole is below, but if slowing backwards and be ahead of you right, so this is like the South Pole. Universe I started the Big Bang going the other way and is dominated by anti-matter. Okay, so wait so the theory. Is that these two? Came from this other universe knows so it's the the idea is the scenario if there's this parallel universe that means that there's a symmetry to the universe that. Matter Anti matter and that suggests that there are other kinds of neutrinos in our universe. The neutrino has them really heavy partner, because they make the the other universe work. You need these heavy neutrinos in our universe. That's what the equations would suggest like. If you invert the equations than you get a heavy Neutrino, because there has to be some other Neutrino for that universe to have, and so it has to be possible in our universe, just like our universes mostly matter not anti-matter is mostly antimatter, but we can. Can still have anti matter in our universe, and so their version of neutrinos could also exist in our utilize, and those neutrinos would be super-duper heavy. They'd be like really really massive unlike our nutrient. How massive! Re talking about what you know? We talked about this on that episode like these neutrinos could be ridiculously massive like thousands or millions of times heavier than anything we've seen or even more you know up to like. You can have a single particle that has like the

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