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Keep yourself in the loop of everything football under the golden state media concept's football podcast latest news on. The field be at College Football Ten Sec Big Twelve PAC twelve acc to the NFL with got you covered. Listen to golden state media concepts football podcast. Hello everybody, thank you for tuning into the GMC. Football podcast brought to you by the podcast network I'm your host. Kendrick Hope? You've all had a good day. Hope your morning was better than mine. Let me explain real quick so yesterday. I had a bit of a headache and I have been prone to getting headaches over my my life, since I was a little kid. I have gotten headaches and my headaches are have always typically been pretty bad I. Don't think I've ever had just met headache. Gets progressively worse and worse. And to the point where I have to take headache, aspirin and I've been trying to not take aspirin as much anymore because I definitely know over my life I have taken a lot of it and I do not need any health problems affecting me when I'm in my sixties and seventies related to that so I tried to not take some as much anymore, but yesterday my headache was getting to the point where I was like all right i. need to take some because if I. IF I don't I'm in the wake up in. This thing is still going to be here with me in. It's going to be just miserable, so I took some went to bed. When I woke up this morning I didn't feel it, but then I realized I still kind of had a bit of a headache and instantly that kind of sets. That doesn't that just kind of set your mood for the day when you wake up with a headache, you're instantly dislike odd Jesus No. Please, no, and so I'm sitting here thinking myself out great. I'm not be able to work out. I'M GONNA work out again. This will be the second day in a row. I'm not working now. I'm going to be ashamed of myself. I can't eat carbs. I can't do it, but I got up. I saw the moving around the bit. My headache started to go away a little bit more where I could barely feel it, so I was able to go downstairs. Get on our elliptical. Doing hour of Cardio felt good. I still kind of feel it lingering, but I do feel like after one more sleep, or maybe by the end of today my headache will be all the way gone, so pray for me. Hopefully that goes away, but you know who how the really good last few mornings Patrick Mahomes. We've got some interesting topics to cover today. Of course we're going to talk about. Patrick mahomes new deal going to break down some of the INS and outs of his deal when I. I, think about what this means for. The chiefs talk a little bit. The bears because we all know what the bears did or guess what they didn't do. We're in talk about Washington and their name change talk about some other teams that are thinking about doing the same thing in the names reevaluating their names, and then we'll talk about the team that I think needs to reevaluate maybe not their name, but reevaluate some stuff with their fan base that they promote. The Sean Jackson Wide Receiver for the Eagles. He made some very anti Semitic comments on instagram about Hitler Jewish. People in black people well, all of intertwined together in his. It's interesting while break it down to you in our third topic, but then stay tuned. Final segment of the day. We're GONNA talk about the top. My Top ten teams I. have going into this NFL season due. To the COPA outbreak because that does change things right. I don't think given Cova given everything that has done. It has changed teams off seasons. I think it has changed what teams are going to be prepared coming into the season, so stay tuned for that, but let's go ahead. Let's get into Patrick mahomes new deal, so it was announced couple of days ago, that Mahomes had signed a ten year extension with the chiefs for a total. Of five hundred three million dollars. Now keep in mind. He still has two more years with chiefs. He has this next year and the fifth year option with the chiefs. So in total, he has a twelve year deal. Worth! North of five hundred and thirty million dollars. He won't leave the chiefs. Until he's thirty seven years old. If he was to complete this deal complete all twelve years, he would not leave the chiefs. Until. He was thirty seven until you could basically say. His career is close to being over until he would be considered in the twilight of his career, the Tom Brady years of his career well, maybe at that point in time he'd be signing one year deals whatever it might be now. CBS sports tweeted out. Years this. This was really fascinating. They said years spent with teams after signing ten year deals, so players who have in their careers sign tenured the also teams, and in how many years did they actually end up spending so Michael? Vick is is a great example. He signed a ten year deal with the Atlanta Falcons. We of course all know what happened with Michael Vick. We do not need rehash it. But he spent four years. Into that deal with the Falcons. Donovan, mcnabb with Philadelphia signed a ten year deal now. He made it eight. That's pretty good. That is kind of usually would say that with a typical deal with with an average deal. After a few years in there's usually an out for the team. The team can. There's a whether be. There's no more dead money. There's no more guaranteed money at that point. In time. It's all just about. Are you on the team? When the new league year starts so mcnabb? He made it eight years. I am sure that the chiefs would love it if they could get mahomes for just eight years of the deal that would be fantastic drew drew bledsoe with New England. He made it. One, year. One year into a ten year deal. That is that is like worse case scenario that you only make it one year into attend into a ten year deal and then Brett farve. He made it seven again seven ten years. That's pretty good. That is like what the what the chiefs could hope for is that mahomes stays healthy in is able to make it at least eight seven nine years into this deal altogether like

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