Nearly 70 People Shot, Several Fatally, Over Independence Day Weekend in Chicago


Have been shot. 17 killed as of Sunday night of the July 4th weekend. Among those four killed for hurting a shooting Saturday night on the city's south side near an angle would play life. W. G N TV's Trudy Wing, a 14 year old boy identified his Vern Otto Jones is among the dead. A large crowd was watching fireworks near 62nd and South Carpenter at about 11 30 last night. Police say four men get out of a car, walked up to the crowd and started shooting. They shot a total of eight people before taking off. Two men were pronounced dead at the scene. A man shot in the chest and back, died at the University of Chicago Hospital. Another one of the victims of this weekend shootings was a seven year old girl was killed while riding her bike at her grandmother's home. Authorities say the girl was struck on the forehead after two unknown suspects fired more than 20 rounds. Chicago Police Department crisis responder Andrew Home There's somebody on the street, I say somebody on the street No shooters were somebody on the street Know who took the child's life. An eight year

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