Until they've recovered. That means this will hurt the airline industry may be worse than 9 11


Where they had pilot group and a flight attendant group that worked out of that airport. They're shutting all of it down there, moving everyone to latex, and they're limiting the number of flights that they now offer. Out of the West Coast. This comes just days after United Airlines came out and said that they could be laying off up to as many as 36,000 employees. As soon as October. Joining us to talk about all of this is decorated combat Airforce pilot Lieutenant Colonel retired and Republican nominee for California Seventh Congressional District, which is up in the Sacramento suburbs. Buzz Patterson Buzz, Thanks so much for joining us. My pleasure, John. How you doing? I'm good. I'm trying not to melt because it's very, very hot down in Southern California. Today it was, I think a little bit hotter, Sacramental gonna hit 105 today, so Oh, dear. I feel your pain. I'm thinking about changing my name to lady. Aye, too. What do you think, Theo? Everyone else is doing it. It's the new Rae. So prior to getting involved in politics you worked in the military is a pilot. You're a commercial airline pilot. As you see these stories come out about JetBlue closing down Long Beach. United Airlines, saying they could lay off 36,000 people. Is this the airlines telling us that they don't believe the government's going to open California and the rest of the country up anytime soon? I think it's the airlines just facing reality. I just kind of hits home with me, John. I was actually a Delta pilot flying to New York. More than 9 11 happened, Uh And was furloughed shortly thereafter for almost six years, So that's why I started writing my books and talking about politics on my experience in the Air Force, in my experience working for President Clinton. But I think this is just the airlines are in deep trouble right now Talking about United Talkingbout, Jeff Lou, I know that I've got friends. Still adults I retired Delta, 2016 is a pilot. I've got friends, adults, and they're talking about Possibly taking up to a 50% Employee reduction. They're offering white Heather offering early retirement packages there, telling the pilots about 3000 M s O to expect. Expect furloughs September 1st. And you know if you remember what happened in the post 9 11 months and years, John we the airline's most of the big ones went bankrupt A Southwest state that but Delta American United We all went bankrupt. I think the same thing as Is happening. There just is not is not. The demand is not going to get a demand for next couple of years. I don't think because people are I'm flying. I'm flying back and forth from D. C and In L. A with my family still live on and I'm still I'm flying. I'm seeing a dramatic difference in what the airlines have done or had to Dio and I think it's going to be a really dark time of the industry. For I know, Delta's CEO said yesterday, probably about two years until they've recovered. That means this will hurt the airline industry may be worse than 9 11 I think it's already and I think it's already hurt worse than 9 11 I think that you know Back in those days. You know me personally, I like to think that I was furloughed for almost six years. I think that they're gonna have a more dramatic effect this time because people are you know again, we'll have to wait and see what the Kobe think. Does this fall in Secretary school often And whether or not it businesses open back up again, But I think the airlines realized that their demands Eyes down. I mean, I think Delta was saying that they're down the capacities, down 90%. I mean, you can't sustain. I mean, the the profit margins and airlines already or so are so slim.

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