White House Whistleblower Leaks Mike Pence's Shocking Prayers

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Today the vice president is under major scrutiny after or a White House whistleblower leaked thousands of Mike Pence prayers. Asking God for political favors the transcripts detail in Marietta prayer requests from pence like asking God to burden the VP's political foes would narrow hipped daughters and a loss for salted foods critics say the prayers represent a clear attempt by pence to strong arm. Jesus Christ for personal and political cocaine but the White House was defiance in a press conference today. Part of the vice president's job is to sometimes have tough and complex communications with world leaders including the Almighty himself political reporter. Dirk mullins joins us now with more high dirk. Hi Leslie Dirk. You've been up all night going through the twenty three thousand pages of leaked prayers from pence. So what can can you tell us about this whistleblowers leaks the whistle blower released eighteen months worth of pence's prayer requests and the trove of documents. Paint a picture of a man who is reaching out to God on a near hourly basis to spite his political opponents with a soft heeled shoe. So they're gate. Gross Slovenly or with hymns at an UPTEMPO. beat so their thoughts grow unpeeled order to name a few.

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