Boston - Patriots’ Cam Newton Signing Made Official


Dea think that Cam Newton on the New England patriots when everybody for the last few months or so have simultaneously thrown dirt on the Patriots and elevated the Buffalo Bills. Do you think the. You have to bet right now. Bad Online. We'll hear about them in just a second go on Ben Online. Who Are you picking in the AFC right now? Well. Let's really break down the Patriots you know we're talking about. What's going to happen now that Brady's gone? How many! Hall of Famer Potential Hall of Famer and Hall of famers and Pro Bowlers. Have left the Patriots in the last two decades. Many men meant. Yes, that's all they do. All they do is turn over personnel or for the Sidebar to that is guys. Get thrown money by other by the other thirty one teams. I'll go hill. Replicate what he did in new, England is like no, no, there's some weird Voodoo that goes on up in Foxborough. That does not translate down the Tennessee or Texas or wherever else you're talking about right, so we're not talk. You know we're not talking about. What are the dolphins going to do without Dan Marino. Because they've changed show so much personnel on the offensive and defensive side of the ball over the last twenty years that if there's any team that is poised to turn over one guy now, he's the quarterback. Obviously, that's a super important job, but if anyone has proven that, they can swap one guy out for another guy, it's the Patriots. Of Foreign. Any other organization. And proof of that for any of the cynics out there, they're ignoring I know. It was a limited sample size, but Jimmy G. One every game he ever played Jacoby perset was was good as well when he had the takeover for Brady. Yeah, it's a and you know for what it's worth. Three BLEDSOE came in way back when at the start of the Millennium and beat the steelers in in Heinz field when Brady got hurt, so there's plenty of track record that you're going to be able to plug qb in there and succeed. It is interesting though that given the way Brady plays versus the way that same position and everything else. Else but wildly different way, but people say well how how CAM GONNA fit into that New England system. Have you watched the Patriots play? They don't do the same thing weekend week out. They always change it. They're obviously GONNA change what they do to accommodate number one now.

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