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Protests in Minneapolis Over George Floyd Death


In Minneapolis I mean we we've got hundreds of people on the streets that was last night that's not so bad today but last night could've gotten very ugly all protesting the ban at death of George Floyd a forty six year old guy who died after pleading for a lot of help you know one officer pinned them down with ease needed with a mac and there were three other cops who just hung around and you know had a dumb you know what contest I mean I don't know what they were thinking but you would've thought somebody would have recognized there was a medical emergency going on cops I've I hope policemen have to be trained to that extent to recognize you know some aspects of health and help ME all human biology I I just know how I don't know how it is getting around that getting around this one in terms of you know self defense it was necessary I mean I don't know I don't know that's why I'm really wanting to hear from peace officers on this day and everybody else who has a word to say about it this is you know potentially the next big deal in America at a time where people are frustrated they've been home they're not working forty million Americans now are not working that's ten million more than last week forty million Americans it's

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