Yo ho and a bottle of Rum


Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. I'm your host Kit Crumb. Today we talk about the superstitions pirates although there were intelligent pirates educated pirates slight Gracia Molly who spoke Gaelic and Latin fluently. There was captain kid who owned huge amounts of property in New York and there was blackbeard former teacher. But there were superstitions like cats were thought to carry a gale in their tail. So black cat frolicking on the deck was assigned. Gail was imminent to drown was never mentioned at sea. Sailors thought it was funeral. Fight to see so most never learned to swim. Most pirates didn't know how to swim. Earrings will pirates were golden. They really did. Because they were fashionable but also in the belief that they gave them better iside protected them from Trimdon. Pirates often wore feathers in their hats. For superstitious reasons they were thought to protect sailors from shipwrecks especially the feathers of the wren slaughtered on New Year's Day which held its power. For a year this belief led to the virtual extinction of Rennes on the Isle of Man. Flowers were discouraged on board because they were associated with funeral. Wreaths of Dead Man Bellow Pirate. Now here's one about Friday. Friday was the unlucky. Stay to set sail as it was the day Christ was crucified. In the day Eve tempted Adam. Grand a garden of Eden. British navy attempted to eliminate superstition by commissioning the HMS Friday which had its Keel laid on Friday is crew selected on a Friday and the captain's name was Jim Friday. It set sail on a Friday and was never seen again. It was also bad luck to luxur word after you had shoved off to see a fast. Swimming Porpoise was good luck to kill one. Dad Luck repairing flags on the quarter deck was sure. Bring bad luck. You never stepped on the ship with your left foot always with the ride. Seagulls were believed to carry the souls of drown men so it was bad. Luck to shoot and sailors never whistle. They believed that the wind could be summoned by whistling softly. After first sticking a knife in the mask whistling on the deck while the when was already blown was stocked to bring a gale women on. Boorda's ship were considered unlucky. Although a naked woman was thought to calm the see this is why many ships pirate and British ships and some Spanish had figureheads of bare breasted women on the bow follows a lot of movie. Trivia about pirates. The most famous song attributed to pirates was composed by young e allison in eighteen ninety one based on the song and Robert Louis Stevenson treasure island. The song is believed to be based on the legend. That fifteen mutineers were marooned on dead man's chest island in the British Virgin Islands by pirate. Blackbeard I will give you the first and the last of this song fifteen men on a dead man's Yoho bottle of rum drink and the devil had done for the rest. Yoho a bottle of rum. The mate was fixed by the boatswain's pipe the boatswain brain with a Marlins Pike. The cookies throat was marked like it had been gripped by fingers ten. There they lay all could dead. Men like break- day and Boozing Ken. Yoho Ho and a bottle of rum and this is what happened. What they did with those dead men. Continue fifteen minutes dead. Man's chest Yoho a bottle of rum drink and the devil had done for the rest. Yoho in a bottle of rum wrapped them all in a Maine's tight with a twist. Ten turn serve hosters bright now. The last stances of the dead man's chest fifteen men on a dead man's Yoho a bottle of rum drink in the devil had done for the rest. Yoho bottle of rum. We wrap them all in a mainstream tight twice ten terms of a hawsers bite and we heaved dome over and out of sight. Joe Heave Ho and affair. You will sudden plunged in a sudden swell ten thousand steep on the road to Hell. Yoho in a bottle of

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