Bakari Sellers talks about the death of George Floyd


Are really looking forward to the next gas considering all the things that have transpired especially up in Minneapolis. Our next guest. We just played a clip from CNN. This morning is Bakari sellers. Who grew up in the State of South Carolina? His father a noted civil rights pioneer. He's been very close to the South Carolina Program Practicing Law for many many years and continuing to to this day in Colombia. And as we say hello to Macari I want to ask him about Certainly the news of the day but we also want to mention for just a second to his brand new book that came out the other day my vanishing country Cari sellers. Thank you very very much for joining us. It's great to have you on the program. Man I I love your show Thankful for this platform and thank you for having me today on. What is a a truly tough day for most of us in this great country? I WanNa talk about that but I just wanted hug for a second. About what compelled you and really push you to writing this book. I mean you're still very young man usually Mars for old decrepit people like me but still on your your early thirties. I'm really interested in how you got to this point. Yeah so you know I. I wanted to write a political book and I'll be honest which Paul that no one wanted to buy it. And so when I sat down and talked about my story coming from the Orangeburg massacre in February eighth to sixty eight where my father was shot. subsequently imprison all the officers. Who fired shots into? The group of students were charged and found guilty. Three young men died in Smith. Samuel eminent Delano Middleton My father was shot and imprisoned. I chronicled that all the way through my rise to being young black elected official in the country. All the way through Charleston South Carolina. Where I lost my good friend Clemente. I'm in the Charleston massacre and so I just highlight the ups and downs and the trauma that comes along with being a person of color and what I the reason I wrote. This book is so that we could All have some sense of understanding so we begin to have conversations about healing this country And you know your book comes out during a pandemic and it also comes out around the death of Ahmad. Aubrey the desktop Brianna Taylor. Now we had this death in Minneapolis. And so I think it's an evergreen book and You know it's a discussion. It's difficult but necessary to have the car. It's it's so easy for all of us to talk about. No one should act this way but I wanNA get deeper because in watching what you did this morning and really knowing you quite well and hearing you speak out on so many other issues. I really want you to get to the heart of the matter here. this is bigger than than an isolated incident in. Minneapolis or Georgia or somewhere else. Is it not it is and you know. It's it's not just myself but you see you see all these athletes you see Lebron James of the world you see. I'm all the list of NBA players goes far and wide and even young college athletes are taking span. Because Y- for me personally it's about what do I tell my black children in this country and I know a lot of your listeners are like here we go again a. Why are we going down this path? But it's the fact that I have to have conversations with children that others do not and you know the crime that was Allegedly committed was forgery of a twenty dollar bill. He didn't even know that there's evidence to say he didn't even know that the twenty dollar bill was fake But regardless the penalty should not be a death penalty crime and so now I have a fifteen year. Old Daughter should be fifteen on June first. Who is about to Get her permit. You wouldn't do. I tell her. What do I teach her? I'm raising twins that are seventeen months old and one is a boy stokely. What do I tell him in? So that pain and this is not new You know it goes back to Emmett. Till and mega rivers Jimmy Jackson in the Orangeburg massacre the massacre on the campus of Jesse Jackson State in Kent State all the way through The recent incidents that we've had and so the question is when will it stop and I you know. I think that we have to begin to have difficult conversations in this country and some people don't want to have but I'm pressing forward to make to let people know that there is a real pain in this country and and there's painful by a lot of people today particularly black people in this country and we have to hear that pain. He wrote the other day. Being Black in America is almost perpetual state of grieving. I I know I know you well enough to understand but I want you to explain to to those out there and your political commentator. You're you're you know what I'm referring to. How do you explain that to the rest of us? You know. I I say that before you turn me off turn me down I say? Why don't you turn me up and let's have a conversation? Where is listening and understand and I come from a place where my father was literally shot a law enforcement and I had the utmost respect for law enforcement officers. My that was literally shot. My father was taken away from my family because he was actually arrested. For that night I father became the first and only one man riot in the history of this country. He was charged tried and convicted of rioting because he was a member of the Civil Rights Organization. They denied bond and they housed them on death row. My mother had to carry my sister my oldest sister their oldest child. She carried and gave birth while my father was in prison. And so when you talk about that trauma that emerged from my father went through the burden of being a black man in the south with felony. You carry all of that. And I'd had a great deal of success in my life and my job is to make sure that others are able to get access to those blessings as well and then I lived through the Charleston massacre. Paul like my good friend. Clemente painting he was was murdered in Bible. Study You know he let somebody come into his church. He set them beside him and he was shot in the net. And so when you think about all of these things and you think about the fact that I'm now living for them and there's no one there's absolutely no one in their right mind. They can lie to you. They can call in today until you that amount all day deserve today. Brianna Taylor. She was an emt worker. They served been no knock warrant. Went in and shot her and they can't tell you. The George Minneapolis deserved I either. And so that is what I'm saying. We have to begin to understand the reasons why and before you turn the conversations like this down. Let's turn them up. And let's have an honest conversation about how we move forward to broaden this because you of all people know it's twenty twenty. The political season never ends and a lot of people bacar just already made up their mind not so much the election but about everything this conversation. We're having the pandemic and I want you to try to take us there because I preach on this program. I don't want to talk about politics. But you can't get away from politics and especially at a time like this one hundred thousand people who died Do through the growing virus The overwhelming majority of these individuals especially in these large cities. The data points are are people of Color. I mean we have to talk about that This season is upon us. And you know regardless I want people to exercise their right to vote their right to vote safely You know you politics part of everything we do in life and you know I ask. 'cause I'm a big game cut fan and I was like the way to get you know my game friends and my. I don't have any clemson friends but you know the the people who go to school at Clinton though the way you get them to stay at home and stay inside and say that if we do not stay inside we won't have football season and so we're living. A lot of people are living through a great deal of trauma You know we're we're pausing we aren't able to go out. We aren't able to be with loved ones. If you get sick and have to go to the hospital you have to go by yourself

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