A Conversation with Mayor Eric Garcetti and Mayor Betsy Price

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This week. Ajc hosted the mayor of Los Angeles. Eric Garcetti and the mayor of Fort Worth Betsy price for a conversation about their leadership on the front lines of the COVID nineteen crisis fighting antisemitism in their cities and what it was like for them to travel to Israel with AJC THOUGH. Garcetti is a Democrat and price or Republican. They agree on so much and are able to talk productively through their disagreements. I think the conversation will help you feel better about America and I know that it did for me. You can sign up to watch this and other. Ajc's zoom programming all part of our advocacy anywhere series by going to AJC dot org slash advocacy anywhere. Now all had the microphone over to my colleague Melanie Maron. Pell who moderated the discussion. Thank you so much above mayor price than mayor. Garcetti for joining us today. It's so nice to see you both here and looking well first of all just really grateful that you're giving us some of your time today. We know how incredibly busy both of you are. And what the life of a mayor must be like. We can only imagine right now so if you can. Let's begin by just a little bit. About how the. Covid nineteen crisis has impacted your cities and Betsy. Why don't you kick us off? Sure thank you for having us. It's great to see everybody Melanie. It's great to see you. After traveling with Y'all we had a great time and go back in a heartbeat learned an incredible amount and mayor Garcetti. It's always fun to be on panels with you. He and I've done a of panels has dealt with this. We've been fortunate for city our size. We're about nine hundred thousand people. A very young city I average age is thirty one and yet we have a big population of quotes. Also and buried reverse demographics. Were thirty five percent. Y thirty six percent Latino in about nineteen percent African American. But we've been very lucky. Our numbers have not been near as high as some of the other Texas cities. We're very spread out city not allow public transportation. And when you're recruit MRS sometimes I walked at density will in this case the lack of density has really helped us. We've got about twenty seven hundred confirmed cases and as of yesterday about eighty eight deaths in the city The economic impact. I'm sure we're going to get into that later. But the economic impact on the city the loss of sales tax probably the downgrading of some property tax is GonNa hit. The city's budget were about one. What four billion dollar budget and we estimate this year alone will be about seventy million or more live managed our budget beard whale where very conservative especially responsible. So we're going to get through this but long-term. This is three to five year hit for cities on their budget particularly on tourism sign and for small businesses. Thank you and mayor. Garcetti but good to see Melanie Ameriprise. Always great to see you as well Awesome to be with. Ajc in all of you. Thank you for making the time to. I represented a small little city Global crossroads it's a place which we have folks who literally originate from every country in the world speak every language were added at diversity in that sense of belonging that we all have but it's also one in which we hold from that value to of come together very proud Los Angeles ca dense urban setting in the metropolitan area is the densest in the United States. But we've seen probably about a twentieth impact of what we saw New York City. We went very early into taking strong actions but that said we still had for state so we have a high number of cases relative to the middle of the pack of America. But we've done extensive testing so we'll under fifty thousand cases about two thousand deaths. But we've also were the first big city in America to offer universal testing with or without symptoms in thirty eight testing centers. We just opened up the Loyd testing center in America yesterday Dodger Stadium to six thousand tests day. And we're very proud. I think mayor price would agree. Mayors suddenly had to become health experts in usually. It's the state of the. That's in charge of that county's often have executives but sometimes don't so they set up to do extraordinary work but not necessarily always to make quick decisions or to stand up in crises. So we've had a state of emergency here Certainly use those powers to be able to stand up testing help expand capacities in our hospitals. Our numbers have stabilized and certainly adequate. Mayor Price received a devastating impact on states and cities in our budgets. Were also very fiscally conservative We haven't had bombed downgrading in this. We have the largest reserve fund in our history at said were Facing huge cuts just our basic services. So I hope that Washington continue to look at our local state governments key parts of our economy and helping stand up the site to defeat. And I'm interested to hear what this assistance would mean to you and your cities and what would be impact. What sorts of pets are you facing? I know you've already described the

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