Dow Jones Fights To Pare Losses After Early Stock Market Sell-Off


V. time for David Johnson with a wrap up on the day on Wall Street this is a close call today wasn't well it really turned out to be just a wonderful day yeah we we were down all day long it down pretty big time Valdosta Georgia but at about three hundred points transportation average was getting clocked the nasdaq the S. and P. five hundred the Russell all down it all pretty much for the same reason we we lost that stadium on Friday is worries about a trade war with the Chinese she had hit the European markets they were closed on Friday but they caught up France was down for a quarter percent Germany down three and a half percent Hong Kong was down four percent at all pretty much for that well then we got a little more clarification on the one hand maybe it's not exactly the same kind of terror thing but baby baby an effort to get companies to disrupt their supply chains of breaking back here give companies of incentives or is something did you have something to get to be liberal less reliant on China then the treasury came out said by the way we're gonna have to borrow three trillion dollars this quarter to pay for all the body that we've been shelling out of the you know PPP program but also to compensate for the income tax or not collected on April the fifteenth well guess who the biggest buyer of U. S. status chide up so probably we're going to take it easy on China for right now three trillion dollars by the way I know that sounds like a lot of money well it is the old record was in two thousand eight with five hundred thirty billion in one quarter at three trillion represents twice what we had to borrow all of two thousand nineteen so the industrial average didn't close down three hundred point two closed up twenty six points and the nasdaq was the first to turn they bought all the Fang stocks back and the nasdaq was up one hundred five points the S. P. average was up a does of the Russell was up a couple of white the only other one the transportation average was down to percent that's because we found out the over the weekend that Warren Buffett they respected investor Berkshire Hathaway had planted all all the airline stocks that he owed so they were all down about ten percent right out of the chute at the close American was down eight percent south was down five and a half percent so they made back some of their losses to old one other thing well technically we were down there were a hundred and thirty more stocks down that up but all the averages were higher and we can celebrate that the Dow industrial average sure squeaked out a gain of twenty

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