Immigrant in ICE custody dies after testing positive for COVID-19


Eighty six the prisoner at the terminal island federal detention center in San Pedro has died from Kobe nineteen and more than half of the facilities thousand inmates have tested positive for corona virus as well as fourteen staffers that makes terminal island which is between the ports of LA and Long Beach one of the most significant concentrations of coronavirus cases in the state meanwhile a detainee in immigration and customs enforcement custody has died of Kobe nineteen he was being held at the old time mesa detention center in San Diego county this marks the first coronavirus death of an immigration detainee in ice custody nationwide KPBS reporter Max Rivlin Nadler has more detainees were alerted by guards on Wednesday morning that a fellow detainee had died of cove in nineteen this comes after a Monday hearing where a government lawyer said a detainee was in great condition last week a judge ordered the release of over seventy medically vulnerable detainees at the facility but as of Monday I said only released to individuals Dorian Edgar set though is an attorney who represents clients currently in detention at Otay mesa she says by dragging its feet ice is costing lives I mean there there aren't many people who are at the team is attention central already have released onto already have places to go if I should give the green light does the right thing and went out absolutely preventable and this person's diet unnecessarily immigration and customs enforcement has yet to confirm the death the detention center which is run by the private prison group CoreCivic currently houses a hundred thirty two ice detainees who have tested positive for the

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