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EP115: Preeclampsia Awareness with Jess Gronas



I'm a mama of one. I'm a Spanish teacher. My name is Taylor and I'm a miraculous ABC. Welcome back to the Miraculous Mama's podcast I'm your host Elizabeth joy and we believe in empowering women through storytelling an education. Which is exactly what we plan on doing is telling stories and educating ourselves. This month is going to be packed with all of those things today. I'm super excited about our guest. Just grownups she is part of our miraculous moments community. So I'm so excited that she was able to come on and she's going to share her experience with those dealing with pre ECLAMPSIA. May's pre ECLAMPSIA awareness month. So if you guys haven't noticed by now I love trying to do all the different awareness. I keep a calendar of them. But I've noticed since I've been pregnant that I've missed quite a few. I feel like my pregnancy brain set in a while ago and so I've missed a few of them and I'm like oh my gosh. I can't believe that I forgot to episode on this so next year we'll have more episodes also when it comes to specific things. It's really important for me to get the right guests on to speak to it so I know that there was a couple of things back in February that I wanted to get somebody on for it and it was just with scheduling. We weren't able to make it work but the guest should be coming on soon and it's really important for me with certain topics to try to like. I said get get the right person to come on to educate us and make us more aware and be able to continue the conversations and help us learn and grow as a community. So I don't even remember how just and I started talking. But she's a certified personal trainer. She helps future new. Mama's balanced the transition to motherhood through fitness faith and a healthy lifestyle. She also has a podcast of her own and I got to go on her podcast which was so much fun. Her podcast is called. Fit and faithful podcast. So if you guys go there I talk with her about my role as a Dula how I became one. I never really dove like super deep into the story. On here. Si- Taller. I go like back twelve years with her and talk about like the first birth I ever saw in what inspired me to Dula and you know just stats and statistics that I've learned in papers. I wrote and just kind of how my crazy life of adventures led me to this path of wanting to empower an advocate for women and so it was just a really fun conversation then I was able to interview her about pre ECLAMPSIA. Because you guys pre ECLAMPSIA. It's one of those things that and we talk about it more in the episode. But there's nothing you can kind. There's really nothing you can do to prevent it. So there's a lot of things that can happen during pregnancy and a lot of a lot of times. We don't. We are made aware of them until it happens to somebody that you know or it happens to you and I think that there's a lot of pros and cons to that like the pro. Is that when you get pregnant? They're not giving you a list of things of hey this could potentially go wrong in this could be life. This could be risking your life for your baby's life for this kid. You know like if we got all of that information we got pregnant of every single potential thing. That could go wrong. We I mean it be. I mean pregnancies already scary. You're already worried. Like is the case everything. Okay you know. There's so much unknown like we would just be absolute messes. Her body can handle the stress But the CON is sometimes not having the information so going continuing going on with something undiagnosed. That could be a high risk. So that's why I love having these conversations with these women because they're able to share their story their symptoms what they went through so that. When when you're pregnant or you're going through this you can be like Oh. I didn't know that that was a symptom. Like maybe I have high blood pressure. I should talk to my doctor about it. Or maybe if I have these signs or symptoms. Bring that up in my next appointment. So there's definitely things to look for and the more you know about that and the faster that you can tell your healthcare provider you can come up with a plan together for your safety for your baby safety and and there's also a lot of options in in those things as well. Some things are more high risk than others. But you can still talk to your provider about what options you have different things that you can do so for those of you. That don't know. Pre ECLAMPSIA is a disorder that occurs only during pregnancy in the postpartum period and affects both the birth mother and the unborn baby. It affects anywhere from five to eight percent of all pregnancies in a rapidly. Progressive condition characterized by high blood pressure and usually the presence of protein in the urine swelling sudden week gain headaches and changes in. Vision are important symptoms. However some women with rapidly advancing with when this is happening really fast to them sometimes they report few symptoms. So I don't know and like just just talk to us about the symptoms that she had. I know a lot of people will look and be like well. Yeah maybe a gain some weight some sudden weight during pregnancy. But I might not be a big deal or yeah. I've had some headaches. And maybe it's not a big deal like I don't have swelling and it's like well. There is a list of symptoms so again if there's certain things that are showing up for you it's something that you definitely want to talk to your provider about it and it's like it said there. It only occurs in pregnancy usually after twenty weeks of pregnancy but it can even lead to like having seizures and things like that like it's it is really serious. Globally will pre ECLAMPSIA it's like a hypertensive disorders so globally. It does contribute to quite a few deaths of maternal infant. So it's definitely something that you again for the signs and symptoms. That's the great thing about where we live is that we do have healthcare provided even if you don't have insurance like you can go to the you can go talk to your doctor. There's people in remote places that have black of healthcare which contributes to a lot of those deaths. So we'll have to travel miles to to get somewhere but we do have a fun conversation. We laugh lot justice just such energy and so much fun and so I'm going to go ahead and start the interview for you all right everyone. I've just grown up here. She has her newborn with her. She just had a baby and she recently had an experience with pre ECLAMPSIA. It's pre ECLAMPSIA awareness month. And I thought it'd be nice to get somebody from group to kind of share their story and experience with it because one thing that I've learned just from talking to doctors and specialists is it can affect anyone and it doesn't matter you could be perfectly healthy before you have a baby. You can be perfectly healthy during your pregnancy. You could do everything right and you could still get pre ECLAMPSIA. It's one of those things that kind of has no rhyme or reason but but when it it can be life threatening and very dangerous and scary thing so I wanted to have somebody who had an experience with it to come on and just go just had a very recent experience with it so thank you so much for coming on and sharing with us. Yes thank you so much for having me yes. I have a six week old with us right now and it is nuts. How soon or how? Recently that was for all that with me so it all started. I had a headache. So why should from the beginning of my pregnancy? Let me go back to that. I was great like working out. I'm a personal trainer. I was training people. I felt amazing and people ask like. How's it going and I'm like I think I'd like being pregnant like I'm one of those people. It doesn't bother me any and I think I was about thirty ish weeks thirty two and I got a really bad headache and so it was like a three day headache and so I was laying on the couch in the middle of the night. Couldn't sleep googling headaches and pregnancy and I did read something about pre-clampsia high blood pressure. But I'm like okay. My blood pressure is always great. It's like perfect and so I didn't think much of it but one of my coworkers was like you should check your blood pressure in so I thought well I guess I might as well check it and I I work in a school so the school nurse House of Place to check it and I think it was like one fifty five over ninety ninety three and so not like crazy high but also not my normal one twenty over eighty which is where I usually I was pretty average fell in that range and so long story short I called back and forth to the doctor and then the next day was a little bit higher and they had me come in. I mean there were like you need to come now basically In they diagnosed me with pre ECLAMPSIA but in my opinion I thought it was kind of like a fluke because my my blood pressure wasn't high after that so I go in for non stress non stress test twice a week and everything was great every time however had to do the twenty twenty four urine tests and so I didn't even know what pre-clampsia was and so that was like one of the main reasons I wanted to reach out to you because again I was healthy. I eat really well. I do all the things in there telling me I have this condition that they may induce me at thirty seven weeks. And I'm like what the heck. Yeah Yeah from your experience. Do you feel like a lot of people know what it is or I mean. I think people are becoming more aware. I feel like it's kind of one of those things that a lot of people don't know about until they get it Yes and then it can be kind of similar to you where it's like okay. My pressure's a little high. I need some stress tests. They do the urine test to trust for protein. Urine worried because that's the sinus while but then there's also people who out of nowhere. I remember when I interviewed Jessica Nixon. She out of nowhere had crazy. High blood pressure like to hundreds and s could've had a stroke and died and they had to induce her. They had to like do a c section on the spot thankfully. She was at the end of her pregnancy. Where are you looking for the perfect gift for mom or another loved one? I have the perfect gift for you to give. And that is the skylight. I'm not able to visit my mom as.

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