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UFC 249 Picks, Last Dance & Madden Mayhem Week 2 (Ep. 819) - burst 09


San Francisco Forty niners are hosting the Arizona Cardinals niners minus ten and a half minus six hundred of the money line cardinals. Plus Three twenty five fifty and a half is the total both teams on paper improve themselves a lot which means they are going to be. I think pretty decent squads in the game we saw Arizona. Keep it close in real life twice with really that being the Kryptonite of the forty niners. Defense the mobile quarterback Sean. You have the choice. Are you always yes fleas? This is a little exercise in Game Theory Ryan. I act- I acted like a gentleman by giving you the first pick knowing it would set me up for this second game in the NFC west bracket where I could steal the Arizona cardinals who are catching ten and a half. Are you kidding me? Kyle? Murray Deandra happens. This is what like the man simulation just loves these kind of players and again you nailed it kind of hangs with his team. Otherwise here's love it twitter. Kingsbury ride all that sweet tail. He's going to get from showing off his mansion in the virtual. Nfl Draft Arizona could be alive dog and I love them at ten and a half and even the Isaiah Simmons pick right like people are saying positions. You'RE GONNA finally they can cover a tight end. Which would be huge when you go against Kendall but also he. He might be better in the game then. He's in real life right now because he was such a high pick. I would also add. Here's what I would say. I think the niners rushing attack is extremely strong and I think the cardinals ability to stop the run extremely weak. So there's there's ver- I don't this might be a game. I looked to take niners team. Total over because I think even if the cardinals keep a close there will be a lot of points scored. I think this is a game. That goes well into the fifties so maybe even just the game over

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