What tenants in Seattle should know about paying rent during coronavirus


News if you live in Seattle and can't pay your rent your protection will likely be extended couples Brian Calvert has more on a new rule from the city council statewide there's protection in place for renters but it expires in early June a bill sponsored by Seattle city council president Lorena Gonzalez will become law with the mayor's signature and it protects renters from eviction for an additional six months if they can't pay the rent this legislation before us today can help people stay housed and that is the bottom line she says the rent won't be forgiven which makes landlords like Dave Carlstrom on easy most residents would struggle to catch up on one month's rent over say five months that that that would be a twenty percent increase in a rat catching up on six months over say a year would be an eye watering fifty per the times reports Gonzalez is advancing a separate bill that would set guidelines for tenant landlord payment plans in which landlords will be barred from charging late fees and interest for most of a year Brian Calvert

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