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#458 - Eckankar Cult Exposed



All right before we get the show started. I want to tell you that every now and then something comes across my desk. That is just too much of a perfect fit to pass up like for example when slug dot com came across and said. Hey we want to be a part of the show. We'd love you to tell people about as were nonprofit or were run by a nonprofit and we're all about free speech. I jumped all over that. I'm so happy to see it. Growing it still doing its thing going to slug dot com even have my own group. They're slug dot com slash David e smalley. But there's tons of stuff. Some people have heard it on my show and then ran over there and signed up. For the Jordan Peterson. Thing or Ben Shapiro or other people that I disagree with But it's all about disagreeing respectfully right well. Something else came across my desk recently and I was like I. It's one of these beautiful things both being An entertainer a comedian and someone who is fighting for free speech. Even the stuff I disagree with this was just too much of a perfect fit and I was like yes. I would love to talk about this so for those. Who Don't know there is a really cool Rock band known as the slants and the The founder of the band is named Simon Tam Okay and the slants. They called themselves the saints and they are As far as I know the only Asian American dance rock band and they took that name on on purpose well win. Simon Diem tried to register a trademark for his band's name because they were blowing up they were getting really popular. I mean they were. They were flipping stereotypes with their live. Shows they were doing community activism? They were starting a whole movement around freedom of expression in discussions on identity owning your own identity. He goes to trademark his band's name the slants our own federal government dragged him all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. Trying to stop him from calling his own band. The slants luckily for us. He wrote a book about it. It's slanted book Dot Com. You can go into to a free sample right now. It is unbelievable. I have a little info here for you about it. That I WANNA share it says here slanted as the story of an abominable spirit who so believes in the idea of justice that he's willing to risk everything along the way for the dignity of self identity. Simon reveals a deeply personal account. That will take you from anime conventions to the Supreme Court all in the name of justice. The story provides a raw look at our legal system with unflinching honesty and offers timely insights on freedom of speech how to connect with others. We disagree with and the power of music. It's gripping it's funny it's enlightening it's uplifting slanted proves that no obstacle is too difficult to conquer as long as you have a little heart and a. Lotta rock and roll. You've got to check it out. It's available everywhere. Books are sold but like I said for a free sample right now you can go to slanted book dot Com. Please go check it out. Please go support with his guys doing and his entire band and by the way you'll check him out on youtube they have their own youtube channel as well. I've been jamming out to it I love with these guys are doing and I'm all about the freedom of.

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