Grand Moon Landing Plans: NASA Awards Lunar Lander Contracts to Blue Origin and SpaceX


From wonder. I'm David Brown. And this is business. Wars daily on this Wednesday may sixth ever since John F. Kennedy ask Congress to fund a mission to the Moon in nineteen sixty one presidents have been captivated by the dream of conquering the cosmos. I've believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth. Why the Moon why Mars? Because it is humanity's destiny to strive to seek to find we will give NASA new focus and vision for future expiration. We will build new ships to carry man forward into the universe to gain a foothold on the moon and prepare for new journey to the world's beyond our own that of course was JFK followed by President. George H W Bush in nineteen eighty nine and his son. George W Bush in two thousand four. Both bushes attempted to chart new courses for America to return to the moon. But these initiatives failed other space exploration plans of struggled to is Congress. The American people grappled with conflicts over money and namely it became difficult for taxpayers to justify spending hundreds of billions of dollars in space instead of funding urgent needs here on Terra Firma as a result the last time in American set foot on the moon was was the Apollo Seventeen mission in nineteen seventy two now in twenty twenty. That conflict has risen once again. The White House wants to put the first woman and the next man on the moon by twenty twenty four. That's four years ahead of an earlier NASA plan. President trump ordered the speed up in two thousand seventeen to make the optimist moon landing program. Nasa needs a Lunar Lander a spaceship designed to ferry astronauts from Lunar Orbit to the Moon's surface and back again late last month NASA awarded three contracts to private companies to build just such a lander in total the space agency. Funded almost a billion dollars worth of design and development. One of those contracts went to a team led by Jeff bazars his company blue origin. That team was awarded the largest of the three contracts. Almost six hundred million dollars though. Use It to design a lander somewhat like the one used in the Apollo program. Elon Musk's spacex one. A one hundred thirty five million dollar contract to work on a gigantic reusable lander spacex his lander which reportedly can carry one. Hundred tons of cargo is based on. Its starship spacecraft. Eventually the starship is intended to transport people to Mars The New York Times reports. The third contract for two hundred fifty million dollars went to a team led by Huntsville Alabama Company dianetics. The three companies have ten months to develop their lunar landers new definition of a space race. Anyone at that point NASA will have a clear idea of which lender they'll choose one prominent company. They didn't make the cut. Boeing. Nasa didn't say why it declined to award Boeing contract according to the Guardian but in December test flight of its star liner spaceship failed. That test flight had no crew aboard but the star liner was built with the intention of transporting astronauts to the International Space Station sending astronauts to the moon by twenty twenty four. He is fraught with technical organizational and financial challenges. Perhaps the toughest one is the cost. Nasr's twenty twenty budget is more than twenty billion dollars in twenty twenty one. That budget will have to increase by three billion dollars to fund the Lunar Lander according to the Guardian NASA administrator. Jim Breitenstein Stein said the agency expects Congress to fund the Optimist Moon landing mission despite the economic toll the corona virus is taken on the American economy. It's

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