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ADP: More Than 20 Million People Lost Their Jobs in April


Are days when the economic calendar is your friend when the news is good and promising and good times lie ahead and then there is today and tomorrow and Friday a TRIFECTA. Will we learn this morning as you have surely heard the private payroll processing company? Adp reported twenty million. People lost their jobs in April. Tomorrow is going to bring us another report on first time unemployment claims in the millions maybe three million and then on Friday the official and much more detailed government report on April Unemployment. And those three data points are gonNA come to define this economy and the people in it for some time to come. And don't just take my word for it Melanie long and assistant professor of economics at the College of Wooster. The first thing that comes to my mind is the significant Variety of situations that these workers are now jobless are going to find themselves in there are some households that have set aside rainy-day funds that they can draw on and then there are other household. You don't have those savings to fall back on. And we know that that's a pretty significant portion of of American households

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