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What Do We Do Today?


The show is proudly sponsored by. Try To Co. that's right. We got a forty percent. Discount running on courses right now you have got until Thursday. What Deitz say that. He's Thursday the seventh of my. If you do not get involved and get these courses now for the process that you'll sing you'll never see these processes ever again. So do it now or never do. It's up to you. GotTA TRY TO CALL DOT COM. Click on the banner. Try TO CALL DOT COM for slash. Join do it now. We'll miss out them and to the trickle creek. Die podcasts on this lovely Wednesday. What's going on out the in the Marcus because a law so forty hours have been pretty slow and we seen anything else come in over the loss it'll period will not a great deal. Yesterday we closed up or up. One point six percents and nothing crazy but we are holding. We're holding a rabbit which was already closed at nine thousand twenty eight when now nine thousand and ten so hanging around that nine thousand region which is holding. They're holding they're holding. The A consolidation has definitely full. We all saying that consolidation holding obviously h die that we close and we stay up around. Those level is dragging those moving averages up. K which cradles aren't we really looking at their. That's keeping my close attention on at the moment. Just just a. How plays out from here is really anyone's guess? But the momentum is definitely with the The buy side. We have a very nice trend there on that daily and I mean look. It's nice in the sense that it's It's there as well wilder fond. It's just brought now in note in a period of pulling back and we're not in a period of moving away so moving higher just in that period of consolidation which really doesn't give us a great deal to work with that so at the moment wasted about flat on the said nine thousand nine thousand thirty one right now little bit of To fry but not a great deal to be working. We've seen some Some sparks of one hundred also on the Fifth Fifteen minute candle but not a great deal to really suggest that onto a theory we close the day down on a theory. It was down point six percents and actually came in and closed at two hundred five dollars and sixty six cents. We've got today's market up point. None of the percents or Brizo taking a little bit more hot than Bitcoin. Become pretty much flat the moment not a great deal that to work with from a trading standpoint stage but if that's a classic kicks in again that can change very very quickly except also one of the movies to Deitz appoint non-observant as well. It closed yesterday. A twenty one point seven cents at its Karnik Tournament Point. Eight so as up point on of a percent once again. Not much really destroy. Go out on the low to mid timeframes either as far as training opportunities concerned they coin. Cassius is so they did close up point five percent it actually closed day at two forty seven to forty two forty seven spot three five site pretty much flat on the day and another that. He's very very flat with not a great deal there for to work with at the moment unfortunately on the base vague well yesterday. What happened yesterday? Sheesh not law it did close up two percent on the news at two hundred dollars and five cents standpoint night five all of the percent at the moment and a again not much going on lot coin point six percent up at this moment as I speak to you yesterday. Closed down point one of the percents that is up point six. Percent Sofa nor the great deal going on a guy and they will pretty much mirroring each other threat. Those low timeframes ails closed. Pretty much flat yesterday and it closed seventy seven below the resistance to ninety one. Cents is not much going on there dying of show you probably quite a way. Bonds closed down one percent yesterday at sixteen dollars ninety cents and is down point one percent today not much on as the rest of the market is not doing anything. Either one percent down cod Donna. Another one very quiet dies nothing at all to speak Timeframe or even timeframes to be fair theorem classic also much in that market of nothingness. Damn point three percent yesterday currently literally dead flat on today's trading session. Nothing to speak of and will randomly up with tron holding that consolidation very similar. Let's be coin. Nothing going on guys and nothing that toll. So what do we do when there's nothing to do? Well I'll tell you what we do in Zion. Today we don't do anything. It's a message. Put too much subscribes this morning. Really just telling paper it's it's right now is a really important Tom. Tables development is tried as. It's knowing that it's a naught to try. That's really really important. It's okay not to try. It's during these periods if you do try and try when there's nothing going on it's very easy to lose money. I don't want you to do that. Nobody needs to lose money. If the trading entropy conditions this is a period where if you don't stick to your rules and for those trends you will get hurt..

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