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Perfect Pull-Back Time


Lightfoot cuss may today as we move into the last a period of the the full day of the month of my cynical pullback occurring over the market now is that good will in my office damn good. Yeah I love pullback because pullbacks give me the opportunity to to get into. It's as simple as that now. We did see the market. Push up pretty well yesterday. Sorry last week we saw Paik You know was it ninety five hundred or thereabouts and said look at the high exactly yet. Ninety four seventy non and right now. Eighty five ninety. Of course. It's a really strong. Wake when you say the weight close out fifteen percent and we've had now one two three four five six seven weeks in a row. We have saying grain candles on the weekly chart on Bitcoin. Of course that he's after extraordinarily lodge a weekly plunge of thirty three percent and that weekly plunged from the Ivan to its low actually ended up being over fifty three percent at one. St So to say This move up. It's not that over the top to say on the daily. It's a fantastic trend on. Bitcoin and long might continue as long as we get some little cradle setting up in there anyway wrought. Now what am I waiting for this week if tried? I'd love to say bitcoin pulling to look anywhere around. Eight thousand would be ideal. A little bullish can off of Thousand would be my cradle tried and that would be absolutely spot on of course those of you who have not gone ahead and learned that strategy will then. You've got well until Thursday because we will not be offering these discounts any longer is Thursday that CDI Getting their take advantage of forty percent off bronze and fifty percent off live trading full for the year. If that's what you'd like to. So bitcoin now down three point. Three percent moving back into that cradles. Nothing really too bad going on their theory of sitting rotten smashing area right. Now you would have heard me. Talking is one thousand four one on a five little few weeks back is broken up through their pulled in that raging F. We do get a bullish candle in here on the daily a very well could be interested. They were down five point six four percent right now on. Alexa play a little bit further into the pool deck as well similar to that of of theory. I'm yet And it's located down four point three nine percent of just above twenty cents right now guy. A small bullish candle in there would be super. Bitcoin cash struggled to hold off to fifty during the weekend has pulled back. Strike to why we we closed. I would be close to fifty two in stride away. That was on that was yesterday. We've dip below that depth full point novice and at two thirty nine right now best via pretty average looking job as it has been for a couple of weeks ninety five spot four five six point two four percent law climb back in that cried ozone as well. The bitcoin still looking to pick them. Rotten now forbidden. Dateable back up again lot coins one. That is there on the right in that cradles Now Dan full point six percent at forty five dollars ninety cents per couldn't hold to ICTY couldn't hold three dollars come off unlocked. Shot right now to be honest with you. It's not a great looking jot. The weekly didn't close at strongest rots. Mike Banging that cradles on now its down point. Four three percent to sixty two bonnet swells good tried. Last week I go in and out of bonnets profit in out of lot going prophet and the weeks before I was in tasers which is also a very good profit some taking all the book because the mind three from three in the last three tries pretty happy with that car compliant about having consistent profits. And that's what we do here. We focus on consistent profitability with checklist by trading strategy will focus on mindset emotional control and structure. You're going to look at some of the testimonies on the website goes checkout will pay for me on on truthful guy and I give a deliverable possibly can buy ceramics. Forte's training experience. This is good stuff. You know 'til Thursday otherwise. It's going to be more expensive for you to do so. Get in there if you want down. Four percent sixteen point three six thousand dollars. Thirty six on bonds in that cradles Dom had a great run. Look it's coming in order to support rotten outside so gone back to what back in the two thousand nine hundred November period then through January twenty raw well this year and now Iran fathom that we're in the fifth month right now of the hadn't been coming into some supports a little cradle. That would be great right now. It's down four point. Four nine percent fondly won't fondly a theory classic one of the trades out they lightly. It's in the Criollos on right now. it's a really nice looking. Trend is one of my favorite trends of the moment to be fair. Also breakout last week is coming to fraud evening at six. Sixty picking above seven dollars fifty so it has given us some of a change after being around little bullish candle on the daily from Further Lock Bitcoin but have a few options down five point. Six two percent at six thousand eighty one cents Moran at the top ten with Tron one point four cents down four point seven six percent so a guys from our perspective. We've got that. Bitcoin that can pull back. Further being one of the trends Therion classic pullback Fo- They one of the better trends cod. Donna is in the same boat. If we do have a little cradle comes up over the next twenty four hours information that could be -tunities on on some of the others that are in. That crowd was on at the moment. Like a theory. I'm going to get some options. If we do say there's little bounces. We'll have to wait and say the pullback that we're seeing at the moment is something to be fearful no. It is something definitely to be

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