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Is Bitcoin About To Collapse?


Bitcoin did anybody Craig. Here you will into the traffic of type PODCAST and here. We are another day on Off The hobby and other talk to Bitcoin. Work sitting at the moment is positive. Is it negative Price wasn't off very positive Of course things can change quickly. Pretty aware of that brought the size crypto. With the having happen we've seen again. Markets have fallen off. The have consolidated in both times. Eventually they've really start to move higher. Now what do I stand in all this Moist Stan Stan? And that's in the realms of looking at shots Jots on trade based on what I see right now. What I'm saying is a pretty positive living. Bitcoin to be absolutely honest with you. It's we saw the pullback a little while back I was talking about a pullback being two thousand Could certainly be on the cards. Now it happened very very quickly and two thousand twelve so pretty pretty pretty close to that that level as well as a sixty one point. Eight percent FIBONACCI level. There is well now if I look at that on the On the to go to candidates rotten that cradles on in and trend moving average fanning beautifully. The Weight Claes averages of just started across the not. The Cross means anything to me but they are in the rot ordering Seifollah. This week looks bullish. Of course that doesn't remain too much until the close wrought. Now I look at this candle that was presented yesterday. It's GonNa hive eight thousand nine hundred. It dollars it's GONNA low thousand five hundred thirty two dollars now for me if we break above the hive that candle and pushed through nine thousand well hustle NAS trends on the low to mid timeframes. I'm talking to four out to our one hour thirty minutes fifty some waiting to see how that goes. I WANNA say half with some NAS consistency on. I WANNA say some good security on those shots. A delicate that simplicity on anything on religious is going to be sitting back. I just don't say any desire horning needs to be trading Subha jots There's plenty of opportunities to try. It always The time will come in. It's about being patient waiting for those options now did go through but before ray to pass some of the articles that are out there and look you've got you've got people like Warren Buffett saying that we're going to see a massive market tumbled. Ah genuinely believed that. I think that we will see further lows. I think that Don't talking about stocks. I think we will see indices around the world for the most part Fawn utilize. Eventually I really hope that I'm wrong. This is prediction that. I really really hope that I'm wrong on As my parents were taught. And that's the money that will dissipate and many other people that I want to say paypal losing but in the same respect we gotta be realistic. What happens generally around some form of a major event in Marcus is the The filth eventually rises to the surface and the anti little bit of time for the filth to get their main by filth is the mob. Certain companies don't have as much Cash is available to light paypal off now I spike. If you recall if you'd be listening to this podcast for a while now it was. Gosh when was it October November modern being earlier? I can't remember the exact date but I said to everybody. A sense you guys was is a Tom. Hijabs basically laid off eleven thousand people and they gave some reason for a put up on facebook. I wrote on Facebook One K. indicators for market full is it's just happened what do you think it is and it was the Hijaz base. Save it. This is one of the world's largest banks if they will let us back my blame something up around that sort of level that is last eleven thousand stuff for what other crappy excuse that guy. They saw something coming right. The markets have been for a long time. That was the point at which I started to get very serious about saying to my loved ones. It's a really good time to get defensive movie cash. Just go to go theory yield. Don't go you know. Get yourself out of equities because the pay ratio is not just too high the lot that was going on that. I didn't say saying sustainable. Now's Rod in that in that high. S- Now I believe that we haven't seen the end of the further down saw as a site as the scum Ross to the surface will say the real issues behind some of the The major industries of the world covered is definitely hurt the unemployment. So it's a double wedding. It hurts a top and the bottom away through. Will we get a second wave come through outlook? I don't know I don't think it's going to matter. As far as markets are concerned. I believe we're GONNA see a lot of companies have major issues over the coming months and Bali and the twenty twenty. I think it'd be a very very different landscape now. Does that plane bitcoins five Play Gangsta and this is the big question. That's being asked around the world the moment well equipped by cycles anyway. If the whole world does start the full in terms of the markets. I think that that won't be good for Bitcoin. Initially okay. That being said he doesn't take very much for Bitcoin to move. That's a foreign against play what I mean by. That is if if long people saw the. Selva bitcoin and move back into cash to pay their bills and then mortgages and whatnot cover their losses on other tribes Whatever that my bake then. It doesn't take much to see. Bitcoin full so last month. Bitcoin foe what thirty five percent diet one side. He was down forty five percent. So we've seen that sort of activity to the downside in the same respect if there are more buyers and sellers obviously. This is very obvious thing to say. Then we'll see the reverse happened. We'll see the markets shoot up. It could go either way ultimately I think a big Ma crash is going to help bitcoin. A stained bear market certainly would be more beneficial than instant foss crash. I think that would be better. Bitcoin because it gets people to think about the choices of what they can do. But today.

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